Fear is a LIAR.

What are you afraid of? What keeps you up at night?

What paralyzes you and stops you from taking the action you need to take..?



What have I feared?

I’ve feared putting myself out there and looking like an idiot if I got fail.

I’ve feared picking up the phone and making a ‘sales’ call (what if they reject me?!)

I’ve feared having to go back to a full time job and work for someone else.


We all have fears.  It's natural.


How do you overcome fear?

By facing it and discovering unique ways to handle it.

To think and create create solutions to the problems that 98% of the population are too lazy to attempt to fix (after all, it’s much easier just to complain about them).


But real WINNERS understand that’s not how you create massive change in our industry.


Real winners understand that you don’t have to be the jack of all trades, just an expert at some.  

Real winners understand that you don’t need EVERY customer, you just need the right ones.

Real winners understand that as long as you continue to produce high quality results, things WILL work out.


But how did I get this way?  How did I shift my own thinking and move away from heart palpitations and that sinking feeling in your gut that things will never get better?

Firstly, I realised that I was not unique.  I was not a little snow-flake, and that EVERYONE had problems.  No-one is free from some form of fear and self doubt.  It’s what we are made of.

Secondly, I decided that I wanted a better future for myself.  I decided that living in constant fear was not good for my longevity.  And it’s not good for yours either.

Lastly, I decided I would pay any price, travel any distance and do whatever it takes to master my life and create a future I truly want to live.


To never have a boss.  

To never have anyone else tell me what to do again.  

Yes I work long hours, and I work hard, but I also have that rewarding feeling at the end of most days where you know you’re making the world a better place.

And now, I want that for you.


You see, there has been a specific path I have chosen to get to this point.

This is not a ‘blueprint for success’ that most money hungry coaches will attempt to sell you, but instead, exposure to what I believe is the VERY BEST program on the market for coaches, personal trainers and growth minded individuals.


It combines the three essential elements of everything peak performers do:

  • Education (learn from the best)
  • Environment (surround yourself with the best)
  • Experience (have fun while doing it!)

And it’s ready to launch.


For 3 years I have been working hard behind the scenes to seek out the very best mentors, coaches and experts in their fields to offer hungry learners their opportunity to sit down with and learn from those who have impacted millions.

Those who have made the money, have the success stories and know what it takes to get exceptional results in their lives.

And now they want to share that directly with you.

I want to invite you personally to apply for something truly one of a kind.


A 12 month highly experiential program with amazing mentors to pick the brains of, incredible resources to add to your artillery, a network of elite coaches to grow & expand with, and a TON of growth activities designed to bring out your VEST best.


This isn’t for the faint heart, and isn’t for those looking for a quick and easy solution.

This is for action takers who know they have something to offer.

That understand that all exceptional results come from working your ass off.

So when you’re ready to kick mediocrity in the balls and become who you were destined to become...click here and submit your application.


Don’t let fear win….

Let’s face it together!

Hayden Ps. not long till we start.  Our first meeting kicks off in September.  Time to pull the trigger.