Raising Your Fees

I wanted to share a quick one with you today about raising your fees.

The first thing to think about (and shift your mind to) is that people never pay a fee, they make an investment. Both in themselves and in you.

Which means you've got to start thinking the way an investor would think.

Warren Buffet, the world's most famous, famed and successful investor, always starts by looking at three things: 1. Your Intelligence, 2. Your Energy, and 3. Your Integrity.

After that passes his test, he will then look at the economics of the deal: will this or will this not give me a return on my investment?

And so whether you realise it or not, current and potential clients are always going to be asking themselves these 4 questions about your service:

  • Is this worth it?

  • What will this give me?

  • Will that help me reach my goal or solve my problem?

  • And is there an alternative that can get me there quicker, faster, cheaper and easier?

The more certain the client is that you have the answer to solve their problem or can help them reach their goal in the most efficient way possible, the more likely money is going to change hands.

Ultimately though, if you're asking "how can I raise my fees?" you're asking the wrong question.

What you want to be asking instead is "how can I give more value?"

See, the world pays for value. 

Not value as you see it, but value as they see it..!

Which means it's your job to know them so well and understand exactly where they're at, that when the right offer is put in front of them, they go: "YES! This is exactly what I've been searching for."

If you don't know them well enough, you won't be able to make the right offers that move them to dig deeper into their pockets.

The question of raising fees, like anything else in business, really does come back to one central theme: is this in the best interests of my customer?

All of the best businesses in the world do one thing really well: they live for their clients.

If it's not in the best interests of their clients, they don't do it. Simple.

That's how you build a business that grows in momentum, profit, referrals, and remarkability.

Make unbelievable offers that promise people unbelievable value...make it IMPOSSIBLE to say no.

And then simply follow through with that promise.

Does that help?