Find Your Struggle

We all need a struggle. Something to work towards that is both inspiring but also difficult...sometimes really difficult.

That times, you are going to feel like you cannot go on. Like you've got no other options.

Earlier in the year, I had a major event lined up. People had bought tickets, speakers contracts had gone out with address detail, and I had displayed in many places the venue. Everything was set as we were 3 weeks out from my event and was looking forward to delivering a great event. To build some hype, I arranged to go into the venue and do a live recording on facebook.

The venue was fantastic, I was feeling the vibe and really looking forward with what was to happen in less than 21 days.

As I went to press record, the venue contract manager asked me to sign something. It was a contract displaying some of the numbers.

As I looked down, something seemed a little off....The number at the bottom was nearly DOUBLE (given the size of the venue we're not talking small numbers here either..think low 5 figures difference).

I questioned it immediately: "This must not be taking into account the discount"

She responded: "Oh that's right, you've paid the deposit, that number should be a little lower"

"You nearly gave me a heart attack" I jokingly said..."because it's that's supposed to be nearly half, right?" I questioned.

" because there is a minimum spend" she responded.


And just like that the struggle was REAL.

3 weeks out from the event happening and there was minimal chance of raising that kind of cash and nearly doubling the most expensive overhead.

For the next few hours, I shut down. I drove home in silence, before collapsing on my bed with no idea what to do next.

I was literally screwed. This was going to ruin me. Fear crept in and confirmed my believe: "You never should have tried to do this. You should've known better".

After wallowing in self pity for around an hour, my phone rang. I relluctantly picked it up to speak with my friend.

I explained what happened and that we were literally screwed. Nothing I could do about it.

"There is always something" he stated.

"No, you don't get it, we are three weeks out from the event, there are no other venues that take bookings this late" I said with a closed mind.

I explained I had no other answers and that I would have to do something, but had no idea what that was going to be.

He empathised with my situation, but thre wasn't much he could do.

For another hour I lay there, confused, alone with no plan of action.

It was around 4pm by the this stage and time to take the dog for a walk. At least that would clear my head a little.

As I was walking, I decided....I may as well try something...I may as well give a few venues a call and just SEE if they have space.

It's better than just continuously feeling like I'm hopeless or worse, cancelling my event.

I sprung into action. Called 10 places within 30 minutes and to my (GREAT) surprise, found out a few venues DID indeed have space.

2 places in particular who had room were going to get my proposals first thing in the morning.

I couldn't believe it.

Yeah, it was going to be a hassle having to change the venue in the marketing and with those who already had one location down, but it was better than cancelling it. I knew what this event achieves and it's an important part of the fitness industry...Cancelling was the LAST thing I was going to do.

Within 24 hours, I had ran through so many different emotions:

Happy, Angry, Explosive Anger, Sadness, Hopelessness, Depression, Numbness, Possibility Thinking, Neutralisation and then back to normal.

That next day, I got the proposals, visited both venues and by 3pm made the decision that I would be changing.

It was clear as day what I needed to do.

Funnily enough, it ended up being one of the greatest decisions I've made and I was more than happy with how things turned out. The new venue was stellar and we were able to really over deliver.

Here's the thing...without that struggle, I wouldn't have grown.

I wouldn't have seen what I was capable of.

Through those 24 hours, despite probably losing 10 years off my life due to increased stress, the knowing that I can create a new reality through thinking differently added those ten years back.

Here's the thing...all life is challenge.

Challenge is the key to growth - and growth is the key to life.

The challenges don't stop - in fact, they get even harder and even more challenging.

But with each challenge, we ascend up to a new level of evolution...this is what we call life.

Then the next time that happens, we will be equipped with the skills, heart and bravery to tackle it head on.

Find your struggle, own your struggle and then overcome your struggle.

Everyday you're stronger, and everyday you're growing.

If you feel like you're currently in a struggle within your life, maybe it's time we had a chat.

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