Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Often we feel out of our depths, and like we cannot go on. Some challenges appear too great and all we want to do is crawl back into that comfort zone. (It's pretty safe and cozy there, right?) Yet somehow, some of us find the courage to break through, and what used to be difficult, is now easy...

Putting yourself out there and sharing your opinion to someone.

Learning that new process at work even when it's tough.

Or heading to the gym for the first time even though you're nervous as hell and think everyone is watching you.

To be able to push through this feeling is truly unique.

And only some have it.

These people are what I call 'Growers'.

They know that being uncomfortable is painful, but do it anyway.

They know the road won't be easy, but they travel it anyway.

They know they will lose some 'friends', upset some people, and have to spend some time alone...but they do it anyway.

They're the true leaders amongst us.

Become uncomfortable today and separate yourself from the pack.

Become a Grower.

Become the Real You.