Getting Your Power Back

Things happen in life. It's one of the biggest cliche's there are.

Take a look at this example from this morning where I got an email from my real estate agent.

I rent my beautiful apartment here in South Yarra, but this morning was advised the owner will be selling...with vacant tenancy.

I've got 60 days to sort it out, and then it's, Byebye, Hayden.

Been a loyal tenant for over 18 months now - including never being late or missing a rental payment.

Here's the reality though.

I am playing in someone else's sandpit.

I pay for the convenience of not having to fork out for maintenance, problems and permanent residency.

But on the opposite side, they can sell the property and boot you out - even if you've got a dog - with a ton of friends at the local park!

It's OK, as soon as I found out, I had about 3 minutes of victim "what about me" speak, before deciding I have options.

I got on and found 5 properties already to shoot applications too.

When things happen, you have a choice: Victim or Victor.

My good friend, Jack Canfield, has a formula for this: E + R = O. Events + responses = outcome.

The event happened (notice to vacate) + my response (start looking for new houses) and I get an outcome (get my power back).

Had it been the other way around...

Event happened (notice to vacate) + my response (cry, whine, complain, procrastinate and pretend like nothing happened) and I get a different outcome (stress, no home, no power).

Think of how the same happens in your every day life.

Facebook changes its algoithm - you either learn a new way to get traffic, or complain about the changes.

A client stops training with you - you either ask them what happened and use it as fuel to improve your service, or you cry they were a bad client and fall into a heap.

How we respond to the challenges life throws at us makes all the difference.

If you know you've been playing victim, maybe it's time to step up and step out.

A whole new world awaits....