Go on an Information Diet (Cut the Crap and Free Yourself)

In this episode of Learn Share Grow, I am going to share with you something that will change your life, as it did with mine. It's called going on an information diet and you will find that once this is done, you will start to think a lot clearer, become more focused on what actually needs to be done and achieve better results.

See our lives are filled with news, advertising, sensationalised journalism and other tabloid BS....

It's just not needed.

I am going to show you exactly how to cut the crap out and remove negativity from coming in.

Remember, crap in, crap out.



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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Wilson here for Learn Share Grow live, Episode 27. Thank you for joining me.


Today we’re talking all about how to go on what’s called an information diet. All the time, whether we’re at home, in our work life or in our personal lives we’re exposed to a plethora of information. We’re living in what’s called the information age, whether that be TV or radio or emails – all this information is coming in and if we don’t monitor and have a filtering system for what’s coming in, if it’s crap in then it’s going to be crap out. So I want you to be really conscious of what’s coming in and I’m going to share with you four different areas of your life that I believe everyone should cut out. You can make the decision, after you’ve watched this and decide, which of these four you want to cut out and which one you’re probably doing a bit too much of.


So the first one that I’m talking about here is you need to start cutting the crap with all the advertising that comes in through the internet, through the junk mail in your letterbox and wherever else you’re getting advertisements because their main goal is to get you to buy something. So although it sounds like they’re trying to help you, when your judgement is clouded with these promises of 500 clients in two days or an extreme special of 89% off and whatnot, our judgement starts to get clouded and we start to think of this ultimate life. There’s a button on facebook and every time an ad comes up – this is what I did in my life – every time an ad came up I just decided that enough was enough, there were too many ads taking away from my creative time which is the only place that you can truly achieve great results, so this button on facebook that you can press to say ‘remove all ads from this person’. I went on a rampage and cut off maybe 10 or 15 different advertisers that I’d been to their website and they’d started some retargeting and started to advertise with me which means it was relevant to my interests at that time, but it was no longer serving me. So I cut it completely off and I want you to do the same as well.


The second thing is to stop watching the news. The news is designed, and I’m talking about the television news, the 6 o’clock news or whatever it is in your country and state is designed to scare you, it’s terrorisation, you’re looking at what the news headlines are. If you have a look at the types of headings they use and the wording and language within the article it is designed with scare tactics in mind to try and make you feel uneasy. If you look even further at the driving force behind these newspapers and who’s in control and what side of the political parties they sit on, you’ll realise that these magazines, I call them, the newspapers, are absolute rubbish. There is a small selection that has relevant information, maybe The Age, but that’s also moving towards this journalistic style of writing, but I just want you to be really careful with what you’re putting into your mind and stay away, stop reading the Herald-Sun. That’s TV and newspapers mixed into one. These news programs are the main focus there. Stop focussing on reading and thinking that you’re educating yourself when you’re reading say the Herald-Sun because you’re not. You’re taking in what they want you to take in. The real stories are in the headlines which aim to grab your attention and help you read, and all of a sudden you are half way in and decide that this is all just tabloid bullshit. When you actually look at what the real content is and the real issues that are hurting our world, that’s when you can start to realise there are other websites out there that provide real information rather than just trying to scare you.


So that’s TV and newspapers, I also want you to cut out all the advertising. The last one is radio. If you are currently listening to the radio in your car, pop stations – that’s fine, music is fine. It’s when the ads and the news come on, again, it’s the same style of advertising, the same style of scare tactics that you need to cut out. Start thinking about putting on an audio book, or start listening to a podcast – this is actually a podcast so you can start to listen to me in the mornings. There are so many other options rather than conforming to what society believes is the news.


So I want you to go on this information diet. Cut all the crap out of your news feeds, stop watching the news at 6 o’clock. The reality is, and I haven’t watched the news in 3 years and I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve been caught out and someone has called me out and said ‘oh my god, I can’t believe you don’t know that’ because it just doesn’t matter. Anything that I need to know I can find out through other ways. Either someone tells me ‘oh this happened’ and they can inform me through word of mouth and then I can go off and do my own research, or I can do my own research on the proper news sites that I want to look at rather than the Herald-Sun or 7-News. You know the headlines ‘Cut out Sugar’ and ‘Sugar is an Instant Killer’ so I want you to start to become a lot more aware and when you’re watching the news – allow yourself a small bit of news tonight – to see what tactics they use and how they use their language. If you think back to 20 years ago when it was actually a news production and there was a lot less competition, it may have been relevant information. Now, since there’s so much more competition and there’s a global market place for news – back 20 years ago the only place you could see news was with a half hour TV show at 6 o’clock. Now you’ve got twitter, you’ve got facebook, all those different websites, you’ve got all the magazines and all the newspapers, there’s so much more information available, so all of these big, big news corporations and businesses, because they are businesses, are vying for your attention and the only way to get that attention is by sensationalising what they put in their headlines.


So, do that, go on an information diet. If you have any questions of course let me know at [email protected] . This has been Learn Share Grow. Catch you next time. Ciao.