Goals Suck.

Bit of click bait for you? But in all seriousness, the moment I removed the pressure of having 'goals' and started to understand what I am about to share with you, was the moment I relieved myself of the constant pressure to 'achieve' (pressure I had internally created by the way...sound familiar?)

This year I removed goals, and instead created the following: 1. Desired Outcomes (fancy word for goals) 2. Routines, Rituals and Systems for success.

So while I still have things I want to get done, instead of focusing directly on their achievement, instead I have learned how to build a system around them.

It has literally changed my life.

When I had goals, I found myself constantly readjusting them depending on my emotions. What would happen was I would consistently feel disappointed when I wasn't able to hit them, or be over the moon when I did.

Now, with the focus being on systems, I have far less emotional variability. I simply perform the daily actions required to be at my best, and have the things I desire. This in turn helps me to be the person I want to be.

Diet - No longer do I restrict foods and eat the portions of a small child. Instead, I eat for performance and ensure I get in 4-6 meals of healthy whole foods in each day (whenever possible).

Workouts - No longer do I have to strive to be 9% bodyfat and sweat my ass off every workout. Instead, I perform 4 workouts per week and focus on progressively getting stronger/better/faster.

Podcasts - No longer do I focus on getting thousands of downloads per episode. Instead I record one show daily, and the other I focus on becoming a and better interviewer each time I speak with someone.

Writing - No longer do I focus on writing a book. Instead, each morning from 4-6 I just get up, do my thing and write about what inspires me.

Your daily actions determine your success, not setting lofty goals and shooting for the stars.

Goals imply a destination. Goals place unnecessary pressure on yourself. Goals suck.

Outcomes allow you to see the bigger picture. Systems allow effortless success. Rituals keep you focused on the day to day tasks required to achieve that success.

I hope that helps....