Gratitude - For Better or For Worse.

I find most people among us, love to share their intense gratitude with us when everything is going well. Pictures flood our feeds with smiling faces and positive words.

Yet these are the very same people who seem to be speechless when things all of a sudden don't continue going their way.

It's easy to claim you're 'grateful' and have gratitude when things are supportive of your values.

Then when something happens that doesn't align with those same values, you curse the world and ask "why me?! - I'm a good person, I do good things"

This is when gratitude is MOST important.

This is the 'hard' bit.

While most confuse gratitude with the emotions of happiness, joy, elation and excitement, true gratitude is allowing your mind to embrace both sides

Take solace in the fact that despite what is happening right now, the universe never closes a door without leaving a window open. There is hope, and the light will be shown sooner than you think.

But I hear you saying: "nice post...but I still feel terrible"

Cool - so here is what we can do.

The below is based on the learnings and principles I have picked up from studying under Dr John Demartini.

If you're perceiving this event as 'bad' we need to switch your mindset from challenge to opportunity.

Stop viewing this as something that's happened 'to you' and start viewing it for what it is: an occurrence.

All throughout life you will have these instances, so may as well learn to deal with it effectively...right?

Step 1. Write out the specific challenge you're currently going through. What specifically happened? How does it make you feel? Get ultra clear. Sometimes this can take some digging but we can only proceed once we find it.

Step 2. Write out all the opportunities that have (and will continue to) present themselves as a result of this occurrence. Look to that which is most important to you and also all the different areas of your life. This can be tough, but I promise you, it's there. Write 30-100 opportunities.

Step 3. Write out all the drawbacks had it continued the way you had dreamed about. Look carefully. They are there. This step will dissolve any fantasy and show you, what you imagined wasn't a reality, but instead, just make believe inside your mind. It will also balance your emotions.

This process is not easy, but it works. (guaranteed).

The key is to take the time to actually do it.

You can read all you want, numb yourself with information, avoid the true problem or continue to complain about your story (all of which I've done by the way),

...or, you can do the work.

Each and everyday we help people escape the prisons of their mind and see a new way. We would love to be able to help you too.

If you are struggling to see the light, and need assistance with a trained professional, please use the contact form and get in touch.