Grow Your Skills, Grow Your Income (Use This Magic Formula) LSG Episode 23

In this episode I share with you the magic formula you need to find out where you are most valuable into the world. It is not enough to just want something, you need to be actively providing value and delivering results into the world. This is where true career satisfaction comes from. Creating and being needed in the marketplace.

Learn exactly how to grow your natural talents and abilities into skills that are desired in this video.

I also mention a script which you can use to learn about discovering your current strengths and talents. You can get that by looking below.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Wilson here for Learn Share Grow live. This is Episode 23 and today we’re talking about growing your income through growing your skills set.


What we’ve found is that a lot of people think that success is you know, I’ve been in this role for x amount of years or I’ve done this amount of activity and I’m planning around this. All of these are time based metrics or a feeling of worthiness around not really achieving success. The only thing that’s an actual indicator of success is how much value you’re providing to the current world. Whether that be to your business if you own a business; whether that be on the sporting field – how much value are you providing into that team; or it’s even in yourself, in your working role, how much value are you providing to your current employer which is your only client at the time.


These are the only indicators of success – the value that you provide and the results that you are achieving for your sole client. So I think that’s one of the most important things that people are forgetting about. When you can work in sync and have the same view that your boss or your team needs, or what your business needs, when you can work in sync with that and have the priorities right you’ll achieve a much greater level of success because you’re both on the same boat. You both know where you want to go and you can start to put a plan into action to achieve results, not just sit in an office. You know those people who sit in the office and blast you with emails and set up meetings and when you get to the meetings all they talk about is information, sharing and synergy and all these buzz words, but nothing actually gets done. When you focus on actually sitting down and doing the dreaded work and using your mind to get those results you’re going to achieve a much higher level of success. The result is expediential when using that system.


Now to help you reach your ultimate level of success and your highest skills set there is what’s called the magic formula and I’m going to share that with you here. It’s talent times investment equals strength. I’m going to go into this a little bit because talent is a natural way of thinking, it’s those things that seem to come naturally to us. Investment is the time spent using focussed practice which I talked about yesterday – it’s not enough to just be there and spend time doing that activity, you need to be spending focussed time and challenging yourself to get even better each time – remember the 4% rule? You need to be 4% more challenged than what your current skills set allows. When you multiply your talent times your investment in that time spent doing that activity that is going to help you build that strength. Strength if your ability to perform near perfect practice every single time.


Let’s take for example your talent. If you’re talented in a specific area but you only score 2. Just say your natural communication level is at 2. Sure you can invest time into developing communication skills but if you’re not a natural communicator and you don’t speak well even if you scored a level of 2 for talent for communication, even if you invest time and practice and you’re using a 5 scale, 2 times 5 ultimately leads to 10. Whereas if your natural talents lie, say in writing, or speaking on a podcast, and you hit a level of 5 in your talent, then you could spend time focussing on your investment in that activity and getting better which if your talent was 5 and the investment levelled out at 5 that’s ultimately going to lead to strength at a level of 25. So when you compare those two different levels of skills of 10 versus 25, you can see why people who spend a lot of time investing in activities that they’re already naturally good at, develop those skills a lot quicker.


Now I’ve got a couple of different ways that you can learn how to discover what your strengths are. The first way is to look at your previous work in particular, where you achieved the most results. The second way is to ask people - maybe you want to ask your previous clients; or in your current role; you can ask family and friends, making sure that it needs to be quite honest and be prepared to take that honesty. If you’re not prepared to grow and take that honesty then this probably isn’t for you. Maybe you should go back to what you would normally want to be doing. But I can tell that by watching this video you are ready to level up and you want to achieve. So things are the kind of things we need to do. We need to be prepared to take that feedback and ask the question of people ‘how can I get better?’.


I’ve got a script that you can use if you wish. It’s on just below this video or jump over to that website. You can just copy and paste this script and shoot it to five people that you’ve done work for, or five people who know you really well and that’s going to allow you to see where your skills set lies and where they believe your natural talents are because they’ve previously dealt with you and have seen what you can produce.


The third thing I want you to do, if you wish, is to invest in the book ‘Strengths Finder 2.0’ and I believe it’s by Tom Rath and it’s an excellent book. It covers a lot of the stuff that I’m talking about. In the last part of the book it has 34 different skills that we all sort of fall into and there’s a test that you can take. It will explain what actually happens when we are an achiever. What traits we exhibit when our skills set lies in achievement. Like I said there are 34. I want you to jump over to or perhaps go straight to amazon and purchase this book, it’s an excellent resource.


Otherwise, if you just want to learn how best to utilise this magic formula, perform a self appraisal – where do my natural talents lie, what comes easy to me where it doesn’t really feel like work, it just feels like naturally I seem to be good at it. For me, I seem to be naturally good on camera, so when I invest that talent, just say I’m a level 4 or 5, and I invest time into practising it and crafting my skill and getting in front of the camera and in front of different people, and learning and reading about books, if my investment level is 5, I can ultimately achieve a level of strength in that area between 20 and 25. So perform a self appraisal, find out where your talents lie, multiply that, and work out where you can best spend your time, because ultimately, if you can achieve only a 5 or a10 versus a 25, you can tell which one’s the better option.


I hope this helps. Any questions, jump over to . This has been Learn Share Grow live. Thanks for watching. If you think this is valuable information and you would like to live subscribe, there’s a button up here somewhere, then you can get updates on when I bring out new videos. This is also a podcast so I invite you to jump over there if you’re an audio listener like me, that’s also a good option. So thanks for watching. I’ll catch you next time. Ciao.