How To Fix the Workout Rut.

workoutrut So I was in a funk recently.

Work was very busy, diet wasn't spectacular,  I was burned out and generally bummed bout gyming.

I was hopping between programs and honestly after smashing a solid 5 weeks of Charles Poliquin's 2-a-day workouts (same body part, twice per day with a 4 on, 1 off protocol for 30 days straight), I was wondering why the fuck couldn't I keep up that pace.

I mean, I love lifting weights.  It's taught me so much and got me so far.

If I stopped now, I was going to lose it.

Honestly I didn't even want to step inside of a gym.

Then it clicked.  Stop Worrying so much!

I was so caught up with having everything perfect that I was BURNED OUT hard.

I wanted the perfect diet, the perfect amount of sleep, the perfect workout plan....and that was just my gym stuff.

I also wanted the perfect day filled with perfect clients, going home to a perfect life and blah see the pattern.

But it doesn't work like that.  Sometimes you just have to get it done.  As Brene Brown, says, sometimes it's just about showing up and being seen.

So if you're in a similar situation here's what I did to fix it:

Relaxed on my diet: For the past 2, 3 years...wait, actually, I don't even know how long, I've been 'dieting'. Now I'm not in 'bad shape', I just just like to watch what I eat.  I tend to avoid high carbohydrates foods, stick to high protein, stay away from insulin spiking foods and never eat highly saturated fat foods...But you know what? It's good to get out of the rut for a bit.

For around 10 days over Xmas, I started eating more carbohydrates, eating how my body felt.  Some days I would have 2 meals and 2 shakes, others I would have 6 meals and no shakes.  I ate cake, and I ate veges.  I ate dairy, and I ate chocolate.  I let go of the restrictions in my mind.  You know what, it helped immensely and I put on ~2kg of solid muscle.  No joke.  The stress was making me hold onto fat and not let my body grow....So relax a bit.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.


Went back to Workouts I loved: Don't get me wrong, I have never made progress like I did on Charles' program, but long term, I just don't have the time to be able to commit to double workouts.  And I needed more balance in my life. the moment, it was 3 weeks since I had finished his program, and I'd done 3 half ass workouts. So something had to change.

5.3.1I remembered a couple of years back I used Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 to get some amazing results (like squat went from 6 x 85kg to 8 x 125kg in 6 months)...and I really enjoyed it.  So I put 2 and 2 together, bought the book on kindle and re-learned his beautifully simple system.

I then used an amazing free resource to help me calculate the numbers I needed to hit each week (Jim's program is based off percentages) and printed it off.  This helped me prepare and understand what I was going to be in for.

The main program is built around squats, bench, deadlifts and overhead press as the essentials...then you can just add things (with a method as outlined in the book) as you wish.

Just finished day 11 and loving it....can't wait to hit day 111, then day 1111.


3. Find your workout space. For the past 5 years, I've been lucky enough to workout at one of Australia's best gyms.  Doherty's Gym.  Tony has done an amazing job creating Australia's best bodybuilding gym.  A ton of machines, barbells, weights, Eleiko plates, squat racks, boxing equipment and more.

But for me, and the direction my body is telling me to go, it didn't have enough free floor space.  I personally like to get down and roll around, move freely and just do my thing.   Nothing against Tony's gym.  As I outlined above, absolutely phenomenal facility for bodybuilders and regular gym goers...but I needed my own space.

Which is why I recently invested into some of my own gym equipment and decked out my garage.


Plenty of open space and the bar essentials.  I've set it up exactly how I want it and it's my own unique space.  Perfect for getting my training mojo back.

You can see a tour here.


4. Post your workouts on Facebook.

I didn't know whether to do this one or not...I mean, isn't it a bit egotistical.

I asked myself this question.  Then I realised my mate, Travis Jones, posts his workouts and just seeing it inspires me to get out there and do a workout.  So if he inspires me, maybe someone on my friends list gets that same feeling?  Maybe that's you?  Or maybe you hate it?

Not only does it keep you accountable, it's great to share what you're currently doing and learning from.  This is something you'll be hearing a lot more about from me this year.  Learning, sharing and growing in all aspects of my life.

So if you're in a workout/life/diet funk, take a leaf out of my book. Things don't have to be perfect and sometimes it's just about showing up and being seen is enough.

Of course, if you're still feeling demotivated, shoot me a message or facebook friend request.  Happy to have a quick chat.