How To Increase Average Spend Per Client...

Business isn't just about chasing new leads all the time. I see so many wannabe gurus talk about generating x amount of leads in 24 hours (notice how they never mention the quality of those leads though??)

But there are actually three ways to generate more revenue inside your business.

1. Attempt to do as those gurus say and get new leads in the door 2. Increase the frequency of how often your current customers buy with you. 3. Increase the average spend by your current customers.

Thing is, the last one is THE MOST lucrative, yet the most forgotten at the same time.

But what I want you to think about, {!firstname_fix}, is that it's 15 times easier to keep a client than to try and get a new one.

Which means the single best thing you can do inside your fitness business is NOTchase new leads, but instead seek new ways to serve the existing customer.

The longer the client is with you, the more problems you can be aware of. The more problems you are aware of, the more solutions you can discover. The more solutions you can discover, the more value you can deliver. The more value you can deliver, the more you will be paid.

What unmet needs do your current customers have?

  • Where are they sourcing their healthy meals from? (You could JV with a meal delivery company)
  • Who is delivering health and wellness seminars at their workplace? (You could build a pitch and get in the door)
  • Who is helping their family stay on track with their fitness? (You could create a family benefits package or a couples program)
  • Could you be the one to take them on a 3-day retreat and deliver a life changing weekend...or will that be one of your competitors? (why not you??)

It sounds too simple...guess that's why most miss the point.

Let me ask, what would happen if we spent the next 3, 6 or 12 months inside your business completely dominating what you thought you were capable of and really step up?

The time for waiting is over - apply to join the Elite Coaches Club and let's see how far we can take this thing.

You will not be sorry ;)


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