How to Remove Stress? So what I've been able to learn through spending time with, interviewing, reading from their books and generally being exposed to different materials from some of the worlds' leading educators, and leaders, is that they all share one thing in common...

And if you're stressed in your life right now, I really believe that the strategy I'm about to share can really help alleviate some of that stress and get you into a place where you can start taking action with certainty.

So I want to draw a quick diagram here for you today, and first of all this is what happens when we are in a state of stress.  So we have a person here in the middle and it might be you. And what happens is there is a lot of confusion around our minds.

And so what we do is we go "okay I must be broken, and I need to listen to this person, and this person, and this person, and this person's got an opinion about what I should do, and my mum is telling me what I should be doing, and my second cousin is telling me what I should be doing, and an old boss, and books, and mentors and people on Facebook".

And what happens is, we get so overwhelmed with all of these different people with opinions on what we should do that we actually get to a state where our own voice and our own judgement starts to get clouded.

I remember I've been in this situation, and I love to do this because, often through your life and in your career, your business, you're going to find there are times where you lose that certainty and you to start to look at external voices and opinions to help you in your situation.

While I believe that mentorship is absolutely amazing, the problem is when we get uncertain, we start to poll everyone round us and they dont' really know what our goals are or where we want to end up, or what our individual situation is, and so they're actually offering advice about what they would do. So I want you to be very, very careful.

Now what a great leader does, is they're still able to listen and take in what other people are saying, but when they get to these states, instead of looking for outside validity, what they'll actually do, is look inwards.

What is it that's actually bothering me? And then they get super, super clear about what the thing is that's actually bothering them.

If you can get this down to one statement, I guarantee you it's going to totally reshape the level of stress, because once you define something, you will find that 50% of the worries, completely disappear from your mind.

So what I want you to do, is instead of looking at all of these different external voices and opinions that might be inside your life, from people who aren't really qualified to give you that information, is get super clear with yourself.  And so in my life, what I like to do is take my journal, and I go to a cafe and literally just write out what's actually happening, and what you'll find, is that to get to a point where you get to one single sentence, actually takes quite a while, but results will come, when you do the work.

And so for me what I've found, is by asking quality questions, and braindumping into my journal, I find the root cause of my problem, and then I start to create an action plan around it.

Because quite often what you'll find is the inner wisdom that you have, completely outweighs anything else.

You know where you're going and you know what your goals are.

You can start to look for outside information once you know that.

But when you get to the point where you don't know what's happening, and you have uncertainty, stop looking outwards and start looking at your inner wisdom.

You'll find the answers you're looking for.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

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