How You Do Anything, Is How You Do Everything

Nothing wastes more time (and energy) than having to do something more than once. The small jobs such as washing the dishes or making your bed are actually the most important tasks you can do.

By completing these to the best of your ability, you are setting yourself up with the habits to ensure no matter what you do, you do it right.

An important question to yourself is as follows:

"If I can't even wash the dishes properly, how can I lead a team at work?"

Or, "If I can't properly make my bed in the morning, how can I expect to make a difference in the world where it really matters?"

The answer every time is you can't.

You can rush through these things, throw the covers over, close the door and pretend there is no mess, or let the pan 'soak' for a few days...

But who are you really fooling?

These small jobs dictate your habits, discipline and actions for the rest of your day. (I can get into the science of you like...or just take my word for it and see for yourself).

Give it a try over the next week and see how you go.