We Are All Human.

As I sit here with my morning coffee, I cannot help by notice a man who is sitting around 6 meters from me. He sits, with a young woman who looks as though she may be his daughter.

Laughing, conversion, sharing wisdom, eating breakfast, sipping coffee.

Just like me (minus the company).

And just like you might have over the weekend.

It is former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

I also cannot help but think just 12 months ago this man was probably the most hated person in our country.

Yet, in reality, very few people actually know him.

They judge mostly based on uneducated biased decisions placed upon them via the media. Those with agendas focused on attention and advertising dollars.

Campaigns designed to keep you watching their station, to increase viewers for their sponsors.


People seem to think he just fell into the role of becoming Prime Minister.

Yet another ‘overnight success’. They disregard the years and years of campaigning, work for local council and attendance to various board meetings, showing up at fundraising events, charity dinners and trips away, both domestic and international. 7am breakfasts and countless lunches with people who are trying to tear him down.

You may think this is ‘great’ and how lucky he is to be in this position.

Yet is he?

He receives death threats, gets spat on, is talked negatively about on the grandest scale, is back stabbed (in his own office) and slandered just to name a few.

He spends countless days and months away from his family.

His children.

His wife.

I am not defending or promoting his work in office.  In fact, I am politically neutral.

Nor am I disputing the fact he ‘chose’ this life.

I am merely highlighting the fact this man is a human.

Two arms, two legs, a heart, a brain, a family, and a work ethic not many can fathom.

Stop seeing the politician, start seeing the person.