"I will handle it."

Fear affects everyone. It doesn't matter what your situation is, whether you're earning a million dollars a year, or whether you're down to your last dollar...fear will find a way to surface at some point.

Our job is not to remove the fear, but to dance with it.

One resource that has been particularly helpful for this for MANY people has been Susan Jeffers' book: "Feel the Fear (and do it anyway)".

It's such a great book filled with basic, yet often forgotten about principles to live life on your terms and not let fear get in the way.

Within the first 3 minutes, Susan points out something that seemed extremely profound.

Something that really made me think.

She points out that no matter what happens, you will handle it.

You always have.

And you always will.

Humans are designed to adapt, grow, and change, to become who they need to become to at that very moment in time.

Think about the last biggest challenge you faced in your life that you overcame.

I bet when it first came up...you were scared.

The "What if" stories entered and like most, you started running a story in your head on the worst possible scenario...!

And then, in the end, it bet it all worked out....

Sometimes just as you had imagined, other times it takes you in a totally new (and unexpected) direction.

The HARDEST part of this process, is having the faith to know that things will work out and you will handle it.

But just know that when things do get difficult and you do feel scared...

Repeat to yourself: "I will handle it, I will handle it, I will handle it".


Thanks for reading.