The Inner Game Of Success


Currently sitting in the airport, waiting for my plane ride home from Sydney.

Came up here in the wee hours this morning from Melbourne, to deliver a talk I was invited to give to a group of hungry-to-learn personal trainers. (Thanks for the opportunity, Shane).

The topic? 10x Business Growth.

Although to let you in on a secret, what we really talked about, wasn’t just the outer game of business ‘success’ (the sales, marketing, revenue generation, 50+ lead gen activities, increasing client profit 300+% etc) but we also covered what I call the 'inner game’ too.

See, it’s all well and good to know how to generate leads, make a healthy profit and deliver an exceptional program. But for me, it’s not until you first of all discover who YOU are that you will fully embrace the successful business lifestyle.

You are (and always will be) your own biggest project.

Here are some of the core concepts I shared with the group for you to ponder/explore/think about. I hope they help you..!

  • The currency of today’s world is not money, but time.

    • Use it wisely and invest only where you get a worthy return.

  • Ultimately, at the core of it all, the client wants what you want

    • More love, more greatness, a greater sense of hope, a bigger future, a job they enjoy, a family that loves them etc. I could go on for paragraphs. Just think about what you want and just know others’ most likely want that too.)

  • Reset your ‘success thermometer’ by increasing your standards.

    • Never allow someone else’s insecurities, dictate how you live in this world. Don’t shy away from greatness, inspire everyone around you to be better through your actions.

  • Your darkest days become your greatest fuel for growth.

    • Sometimes you’ve just got to walk through the mud. It can’t all be good times. Just remember, that’s what builds epic character!

  • It’s not where you are now that matters, it’s where you WANT to be and are COMMITTED to going.

    • Make the commitment to do the work, and then stick to it.

  • Fulfilment is not a destination, it’s a state.

    • No explanation necessary.

  • Find purpose in what you’re doing by being purposeful.

    • That is…’full’ of purpose. (break the word down)

  • Discover your 5 chief assets and work hard on honing on your strengths

    • Everyone knows at least 5 things about themselves that they love. This is a good one to use with your clients too!


Greatness is upon you.

If you haven’t already, commit to doing a minimum ONE thing per day to increase your value in this world.

The world only rewards results. Not excuses.

Time to get busy.

Signing off for now.