Inside My Head - This mornings journal entry (with explainations)

I am posting this because I thought it might be interesting for you to read. Not from an ego point of view (although I accept some might see it that way) but from the point of view to:

  1. Educate people on the process of jorunalling - which has truly saved my life more than once.
  2. Help you unlock the creative powers of your mind
  3. Discover some of the inner workings of not just "what" I think, but "why" I think it, and what I shall do with the information.

Any questions, please posts in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Have a great day!

Notes from Top Left


“When to push, when to pull” This is a note to understand that sometimes you need to push your clients, sometimes you need to pull. Knowing WHEN to do this is the key.


“Ethnographer” Discovered this word today and it’s someone who studies tribes and culture. Certainly interesting - will spend more time exploring this in the future.


“Creating a contagious culture” How did things like Malaria, AIDS, and the measles spread so far, so fast? Interested to use this concept and somehow turn it into a business concept to help leaders create cultures that follow the same ‘contageon’


“Dreams, Desire, Danger, Death” Two help people strive for more, two destroy their hope and lead to paralysation.


“Do everything you can to avoid being a commodity” Self-explanatory. Commodities die a fast death.


“How to hit a home-run?” Home runs make sure you (and anyone else on your ‘bases’) get home safely. What is your ‘home-run’ and how can we get you there ASAP.


“Add “like mike” when you wear nike This is a note for me to add a section to my new book which talks about the culture of belief at Nike. I like the phrase: “Be Mike Mike” so I will add it somewhere in my writing.


“Do we want to be loved, or just another transaction” Love based businesses equate to repeat purchases, loyalty beyond reason (Kevin Roberts term) and deeply positive feelings. Transaction-based businesses are replaceable, shallow and easily shifted to whoever


“Louis Vuitton -> Keep people out for better experience” + “Apple -> 1-1 ratio for support staff” I love brands and how they stand out. Both of these companies provide incredible customer experiences (in totally different ways). This will be used in the new book. (You’ll have to wait…sorry)


“Promiscuity” and "Nirvana” Two words I read this morning that have power behind them. I am fascinated with language and how words can evoke such meaning, with requiring explanations.


“Dream Catcher” My sister had these growing up. I was interested to see if I could use the concept of the DreamCatcher and apply it in my work (helping coaches catch the dreams of their clients and bring them out). After a 15 minute investigation, originally DreamCatchers were actually used by Native Indian’s to ward away negative spirits as opposed to ‘catching’ and harvesting positive dreams. Will leave this concept for now and find another word to use.


“What happens if we disappear” What would happen to your clients, if your business disappeared tomorrow? Would they be upset, sad and heart broken? Or would they move to your closest competitor and continue life as per usual. I will use this in a presentation I am giving today.


“Study emotions and how to elicit them!"

“Strong Emotions

  • Joy
  • SUrpirse
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Disgust
  • Sadness"

I used the “!” to signify this is important. I rarely use “!” in my wiring/journalling/book notes…so when I do, it must be really important.

I then bought a book by Charles Darwin called: “The Expression of the emotions in man and animals” (Only $1.17!) - Will flick through this morning.

I am VERY interested in how to use emotions in marketing/business to elicit a response and get people to fully invest (with their heart) into what you’re doing.

Learning how to do this is extremely powerful and going to be a major theme for me in 2018.