Is our school system broken?

The biggest mistake most people make in regards to 'learning' is to attempt to memorise useless facts and information. Generally this is done 'just in case' or to appear smart in certain situations (which may or may not occur...generally the latter).

I was once a victim of this line of thinking. I attribute this to the style of learning most schools use to brainwash is from an early age.

I remember in high school we were asked to remember all 50 states of the USA....

Even with 25 students in the class, we only managed 47 or 48.

The truth don't need to know. This is an old school way of thinking (excuse the pun).

Their system is used because the information wasn't readily available like it is right now. Encyclopaedia's were needed, world globes etc.

Now we have the Internet....but they're still playing catch up.

I mean I don't blame them for slowing the process, many people in very high positions stand to lose a lot (jobs, billions in income, power).

Instead of adhering to this system, I invite you to use a 'Just in time' method of thinking.

Within seconds, you can search the Internet and find out the answer to basically any question you have.

To relate it to our first example, we now have the power to quickly and easily find out the USA's 50 states, their capital cities, which main rivers run through them, their population and their political views.

So tell me again why you're trying to memorise statistics and useless facts?

Stop hoarding what you don't need to know.

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