Isn't it about time?

  I was asked recently at the gym, what were my 'big' plans for 2018?

I was actually stumped. I didn't have big plans that need to be completed in 2018.

I just have a plan. That plan is life plan is simply to act, do, be and live in alignment with my mission to serve others as an educator and leader.

And while I do think there are ways to harness the positive energy of the new year, success is less about flash in the pan stuff, and more about the daily habits and routines of a winner.

Yet it also goes beyond that.

What you do, gets you a ticket to the game...who you are, determines whether you win or not.

To truly transform from this moment on, you need to step up.

(or, as Steven Pressfield would say, Turn Pro).

This is not about a new program, book, seminar or retreat (although they will certainly help), this is about the need to switch your attitude.

From small to big. Ego driven to purpose driven. From how to wow.

Make the commitment today, that you're leaving that person behind and shedding the skin.

Run to your mirror and welcome the new you with open arms.

Look them in the eye and let them know exactly who you are and what you're here to do. it.