It's not the thing.

So many people think the keys to success lie in the 'thing'. It's Facebook Live, it's an email list, it's that product, it's that service, it's a market, it's a book, it's that guru, it's that next a course, it's that podcast.

But let me tell you something you already know...

It's not any of that stuff.

That stuff will come and go. (You've seen it happen too)

Yet there is still something holding you back.

You may be able to trick yourself for a week, a month, a year, or in some cases, nearly a lifetime...but you know there is something more.

That deeper calling inside doesn't go away. It continues to knock at the door..louder and louder until answered.

Here is the truth: It's not the 'thing' that makes you successful....It's YOU.

You are the creator.

The All Mighty Being.

You create your ultimate life full of love, happiness and well being.

Think about it...No-one woke up this morning with the SOLE purpose of helping you fulfil your dreams.

That's your job.

Yet so many people won't commit.

They'll read past this and continue to numb themselves and say "easy for him to say" or "hell yeah...can't wait for 2017 to make it happen"

And we all know those people....(yet fail to recognise when we are in fact guilty of doing it)

And let me also explain that I am no different...I grew up in a small country town and while I have a super supportive family, I certainly wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

I've just faced some of the demons (and still do every day).

But I decided enough was enough.

And started questioning everything I could.

And one of the most important questions I ever asked myself, that I want you to ask yourself right now, is how much longer can you continue like this?

What do things look like in another 12 months if you are to continue like this?

3 years? 10 years?

Close your eyes and think about it...

Imagine sitting at dinner with your future self.

What's happened to their weight, their stress levels, their health, their mental strength, their dreams, their relationships?

Are they happy? Are they doing what they love?

If not, why not?

Ask again and again and again: why is this person not happy?

Write a list of 30, 50 or 100+ items that come into your head.

Then....(here is the magic).

We simply reverse engineer it.

If X makes this person UNhappy, and Y makes this person very more of Y and less of X....

Kinda sounds too simple...?

But it's not.

It's a simple formula for an outstanding life.

Give it a try...!

Happy Sunday!