Leadership Lessons while smoking Shisha.

So early in 2016, I was driving to get something to eat, and I parked next to my friend, Lizzy's Arabic Shisha cafe. (Cafe Arabica on Sydney Road for those playing at home) Lizzy is a very different individual. Before I met her, I didn't believe in people being spiritual or reading people.

I mean that is stupid and illogical...Right?

I'm all about mathematics and making sure things add up. 'Reading' people is hokey.

BUT the truth is...after being around her, I can undeniably tell you, that I believe she can read people.

She has made many predictions that have come true and without even knowing people that I know and have been around for years..she sees their inner being and is HIGHLY accurate (99%+) Whether they're liars, beautiful, kind, thieves, story tellers and more.

As I was going to get dinner, I walked past and saw Lizzy sitting at her cafe. It was around 7pm so there wasn't many customers just yet.

If you know about Shisha cafe's, you'll know they don't kick off until 11pm onwards. So I went in for a chat. Immediately upon arrival, she gave me three kisses (arabic tradition) followed by inviting me to sit with her.

Without even asking, her second in charge, prepared me a fresh mint tea and also a Shisha. (that's a little customer service bonus for you right there...give before the customer asks) I've only done shisha a couple of times, but when in Rome.....

So as we sat there and had a watermelon and licorice shisha while I talked (Lizzy listened...an amazing trait to have that MOST people have no idea about).

I explained to Lizzy how I was making some huge changes in my life and fully committing to growing a new business venture, Optimal Human Performance (more on that later).

She is a wise woman and I respect her opinion a lot.

A woman who made her first million in her early 20's, Lizzy knows 2 things inside out. 1. Business. 2. People.

And she isn't afraid to speak her mind on either (extremely blunt).

If someone pisses her off or is rude, she will tell them straight up...Fuck Off. It's the kind of honesty you truly respect.

She has what I call 'Genuine Authenticity'.

She is never rude unless someone is rude to her first, and will only dish out honest comments when they are needed. In the same token, if you look good, she will tell you. From her heart. A unique individual.

For 2 hours, we sat and discussed my major plans for my new venture, Optimal Human Performance. She explained some VITAL lessons that she has learned from owning several business, making big big money and helping others achieve the most in their lives & businesses.

The two main items were: 1. FOCUS 2. FOLLOW THROUGH

You must have focus in order to stick with something long enough for it to be profitable. I often watch videos and listen to my man, Elliott Hulse, who speaks about growing his Strength Camp channel and business. It took him 7 years to grow his channel to over a million subscribers (it's now at 1.5+ million)

No-one is willing to put in the relentless behind the scenes work required.

The extreme focus to stick at something long enough for it to get traction in the market place. I call it 'Under the Iceberg' and this graphic explains it perfectly.


Ask yourself, How long have I been doing what I'm currently? Do I love it? Am I focused enough for this to grow into my dream job? If you answered yes...KEEP GOING. If you answered no....GTFO and find another path to go down.

Otherwise you're wasting your time.

The second lesson, Follow through, ties in with focus, but is even more important in my opinion. Too many people start new things, get excited, kick things off and then 3 months in, when they see you actually have to continue working at it, they give up.

I was the same.

A few years ago, I wanted to start a stock buying club, a marketing company, a gym, a web design business, work on major events all while working a full time job....

Looking back at myself, I was extremely naive.

Just like focus, you need to be able to follow through.

The thing is, at the time, I didn't have the FOCUS or FOLLOW THROUGH.

My mind was full of garbage. A trash can that I filled with propaganda from TV, printed newspapers (in an attempt to try and be 'current' in important conversations with others), and a bunch of other useless junk. All while trying to grow several business at once. When I didn't see growth, I decided it must not be for me, and started creating more and more ideas. and more companies, and seeing if they were for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love trying new things, and it was necessary for me to do to get clear on my goals,

BUT....each new thing I started took up more time, which ran out....REAL fast.


Here's how I fixed the situation.

I want you to sit in a quiet place over the next 24 hours. Grab a pen and some paper. Leave your phone in the other room. You won't be needing it and it's just a distraction.

I want you to write down every activity you're currently involved in. Do you just have the one business or do you have a few you're trying to launch? What new skill are you trying to learn or master? What have you tried in the past 2 years? Did they take off or fail? Write down in detail and don't

This should take you 1-2 hours. But it's an investment WELL WORTH IT.

Once you have your list, what you're going to find is extreme mental clarity from dumping all of the junk inside of your head onto paper.

You will start to see where your time is going. What activities are wasting that time and where you can cut back/grow.

I did this and it helped with my mental clarity 10 fold.

Give it a try and let me know how you go.

You will be surprised. (but also thankful...i guarantee it)