Leadership Opportunities are all around us

Leadership opportunities are all around us. So the other day I was riding my bike home from a day out and about.

I love going for a big bike ride with my mate, Sean.

It's great to clear the head, get outdoors and have some fun.

Anyway, we were just finishing up and it was around 8:45pm...

I only tell you this to give you some perspective on the light situation.

Which was rapidly deteriorating (and I didn't have lights)

Anyway that's not important.

I was gassing it (aussie for going FAST), and I rode past a $120,000 Mercedes Benz SUV in an alley trying to turn an impossible corner.

and when I say impossible, it was really tight and definitely going to scrape.

I saw a lady around early 40's outside of the car checking to see if she was going to scrape it.

I though nothing of it, and kept riding....

But my conscience was too loud.

I had to go back.  What if that was someone I knew?  She obviously needs help.

So I rode back, and asked if she needed a hand.

She told me she was stuck (and also very distressed at the time)...So I asked if I could help?

Here is what it looked like: firstcorner

I initially tried to direct her, but it looked like like the scene from Austin Powers when he get's his buggy stuck in the alley way.

It just wasn't happening.

So I told her to jump out and I will do it.

It was pretty dark at this stage, and this alley way was very skinny.

But given my experience in reversing (It's probably my third best skill...behind asking questions and competitive eating as my first and second), I reversed that bad boy over 60m to a corner, then made a very ugly (but effective) 10 point turn, before another 50m of reversing to the safe zone.

Another of my master pieces showing what happened is below. (seriously good artwork hey?)


It was a fun experience, and provided me with this great story!

But the reason I tell you this story, <first name>,

is to let you know that there are opportunities out there everywhere to be a leader.

You can make a difference and you never know where it will take you.

Doing nice things has a huge impact and will GREATLY increase your worth in the world.

So go out this week and find opportunities to be useful.

Let me know how you go in the comments below.