Learning Italian Week 1

Good day to you! Recently I joined an 'Accountability Group' focused on achieving our best results in 70 days/10 weeks.

One of my goals I set was to post on my social media a video of me speaking Italian on social media.

I've always wanted to learn Italian, so it was finally time to DO IT.

I created time within my morning to learn every single day, and also hired a private tutor once per week.  They're not as expensive as you would think and having a language under your belt is advantageous....especially when you want to travel like I do.

I can totally see myself getting hooked on language learning too!

But without further blabber, check out week 1 below.

P.S: I make a mistake with the letter 'e' which should infact be pronounced 'air'.  But I wanted to keep that part in the video because it's real.  Thanks for following along.


[drop_cap]Learned this week[/drop_cap]

Vowels and Pronunciation

  • A = ah
  • E = air
  • I = eee
  • O = oh
  • U = oo

[drop_cap]Formal Language[/drop_cap]

  • Boungiorno = Good Morning
  • Bounasera = Good Afternoon/Evening (after 1)
  • Come Sta = How are you?
  • E Lei = You?
  • Come Si Chiaima = What's your name?

[drop_cap]Informal Language[/drop_cap]

  • Ciao = Hello/Goodbye
    • Answer with
      • bene =  good :)
      • cosi cosi = not bad :|
      • male = not good :(
  • Come Stai = How are you?
  • Come Ti Chiami = What's your name
  • Piacere = Nice to meet you.

[drop_cap]Pronunciation and How letter order affects it?[/drop_cap]


Letters Sounds Like Example (Phenetik) English Translation
C + I SH or SCH (Like a sweet C) Cielo (Schell-oh)  Musical Instrument
C + E SH or SCH (Like a sweet C) Celeste (Cshell-es-tay) Blue (I think)
CH + I K (like a hard K) Chiesou (key-eh-sue) Church
CH + E K (like a hard K) Che (keh) What or Come Again
C + A Car Casa (car-zsa) House
C + O Coh Collo (coll-oh) Neck
C + U Qoo (like an owl) Cucina (qoo-china) Kitchen
G + I J (like a sweet J) Giornale (Ghee-or-nar-lay) Newspaper
G + E J (like a sweet J) Gelato (jel-ah-toh) Icecream
GH + I Gey (like a hard G) Ghiotto (ge-ee-ott-oh)  Greedy
GH+ E Gheh (like a hard G) Margherita Pizza
G + A Gah (as it looks) Gatta (Gah-ta) Cat
G + O Goh (as it looks) Gola (Goh-la) Throat
G + U Goo (as it looks) Gufi (goo-fi) Owls
S + C Sh sound Uscita (oos-sheet-ah) Exit

[drop_cap]Finishing Up[/drop_cap]

I am no means an expert and this is definitely just a trial run, but I love putting myself out there and the accountability it creates....Put yourself out there and get shit done!

Thanks for watching/learning.


P.s If I got anything wrong or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or drop a comment below.