Learning Italian Week 3

Ciao! Week 3 of my Italian Learning Journey has just passed us and we are making some great progress.

I have not skipped a day of training yet (maintaining very good habits), and slowly things are making more sense.

Watch along and learn:


[drop_cap]The 3 biggest things I learned this week were:[/drop_cap] 1. Create silly stories around what you want to remember.  The sillier the better. (explained below).

This was best learned from Tansel Ali's book: "How to Learn (Almost) Anything In 48 Hours".  The books is a great resource to learn more about why we do certain thing

Learning 1 Practical Example:

Italian Word English Word Memory Triggered by
Scammia Monkey The monkey scams the tourists and steals their money
Topo Mouse The mouse runs on top of the counter before I SQUISH it with my big blundstone boots
Orso Bear The size of that bear is bloody orsome
Leone Lion My Aunty, Leone, lost her hearing recently but is still an amazing woman.  She is brave, like a lion.
Toro Bull I am a Toro (taurus) start sign, which is a bull!
Cane Dog Brune
Gatto Cat I have a book about Mick Gatto on my shelf that my red and white cat constantly climbs on
Uccello Bird Both the cellos and birds make beautiful noises.
Cavalla Horse In Age of Empires you grow your cavalla (cavalry) which includes horses to dominate the opposition.
Pesce Fish Instead of seeing fish as pesce (pesky/annoying) animals, I now see them as delicious pieces of meat
Delfino Dolphin All dolphins from Delaware have pink fins....they call them delfino's.


Learning 2: Know your verbs

In Italian, you must be aware of the different verbs that are used.

Italian Verb English Translation Memory Triggered by
Voi Siete You Are (plural) You are all sitting in John Voits Seats
Noi Siamo We Are "No, we are, Sumo wrestlers"
Io Sono  I am I am so alone (have to work hard for this one in between the characters!)
Tu Sei  You Are To say that is VERY rude.  You are very rude.
 Loro Sono  They Are I haven't created one for this.  I remembered 'loro' because it's so different to the rest of them in my mind!
 Lei E  Feminine language Lei on the bed and take your clothes off....! The female obliged willingly.
 Lou E Masculine language "Lou" was my first male dog...he was a good dog.


Learning 3: Recalling Gender from Previous Week

I know we covered this last week, but it's good to recap.  Let's take a quick look:

Italian Last Letter + (word) Singular or Plural | Masculine or Feminine English Translation
I (Ragazzi) Plural +Masculine Boys
O (Ragazzo) Singular + Masculine Boy
E (Ragazze) Plural +Feminine Girls
A (Ragazza) Singular +Feminine Girl
I (Alti) Plural +Masculine Tall Boys
O (Alto) Singular + Masculine Tall Boy
E (Alte) Plural +Feminine Tall Girls
A (Alta) Singular +Feminine Tall Girl


Bonus Material: I was also asked to practice some sentences so I will review here. Review and Recall are important parts of language learning.  The (m) or (f) after indicates gender, (s) or (pl) indicates singular or plural.

Italian: L'uomo E alto e diverso English: The man is tall and different (m) (s)

Italian: Lei ragazza E bella e alte English: The girl is beautiful and short (f) (s)

Italian: Loro sono bruni e alti English: They are dark haired and tall (m) (pl)

Italian: Noi siamo studente English: We are students (m) (pl)

Italian: Tu sei bella e bionda English: You are beautiful and blonde (f) (s)

Italian: Voi siete brune e intellingte English: You are dark haired and intelligent (f) (pl)

Italian: Voi seite alti e bruni English: You are all tall and blonde (m) (pl)

Italian: Loro sono gentile e intellegente English: They are kind and intellegent (f) (pl)


Hopefully you are enjoying the series and of course if you have any questions, please let me know: hayden(at) haydenwilson.com.au