Lessons from Sheryl Sandberg's 2014 Harvard Commencement Speech

Just finished watching Sheryl Sandberg's commencement speech to the 2014 Class of Harvard. Got a couple of take away's that I wanted to share.

  1. She was married for one year at the age of 24 before getting divorced.
  2. Studied at Harvard Law School but passion was never in it (and she knew but didn't want to say anything)
  3. Feedback is essential - take it on the chin and use it to improve.
  4. Had her whole life planned out by 25...none of which came true (probably because at the time, the internet barely existed, and Mark Zuckerberg was in middle school)

What I loved about it most though, was how vulnerable she makes herself. She talks openly about her failures and hard lessons learned.

Most of us shy away from such things, thinking we need to be invincible (I know I certainly have).

Yet I invite you to consider the fact that what makes us leaders is not the absence of weakness, but our ability to accept we aren't bulletproof, and continue on the journey anyway.

After all, we are simply humans, and every single one of us has flaws.

Don't hide from them, embrace them.