Let's talk Exercise and Diet Routines (how to actually stick to them)

Often we get caught up in thinking that we NEED to go to the gym.  Or we NEED to eat a certain way.  I am here to tell you that you really don't NEED to do anything.  I personally love going to the gym and performing weights.  But you might like dancing, or running, or cycling, or walking or hiking or.....insert exercise here. In addition, there is no point creating a diet that is void of all dairy and sugar if that is what you enjoy once in a while.  By avoiding something, we actually create intolerances.  Stop restricting yourself unless you truly believe in it.

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Ladies and Gentleman, Hayden Wilson here for Learn Share Grow live. Today, in Routine Week we are going to be talking about exercise routines and diet routines that you’re actually going to stick to.

Growing up, I’ve been doing weight lifting, I know you can’t tell, but I’ve been doing weights for about six or seven years now and watching my diet and being careful around all the different stuff with nutrition and a healthy exercise routine. I think I’ve tried every single different diet and exercise under the sun. There’s one common theme with all of this stuff and it doesn’t matter how many different exercise routines you hear about, and want to try shiny new objects, diets, kinetic diets, the Atkins Diet – I’m going to tell you the one simple rule that applies globally and it’s going to apply to you right now – and that is, that the only exercise routine and diet routine that actually works is the one that you stick to. I’m going to say it again because it’s very important. The only diet that actually matters is the one that you stick to. I was the worst for this. I’d try something for four weeks or I’d try something for eight weeks as far as nutrition goes. I even tried intermittent fasting. I’d get into it and feels really good in the first few days – and if you don’t know what that is, you’re eating all your calories in an eight hour period of time and the other 16 hours you’re fasting. So I tried it and the first three weeks was all in, loved it, but beyond that it became a struggle.

What happens when we struggle is we waive and we find ways and our mind tells us that we shouldn’t be doing this, it’s not healthy, but you need to find something that works for you. For some people, that’s six meals a day. For other people, it’s three slightly bigger meals. For other people it might be a shake diet with two big meals included which I don’t highly recommend, but again, it needs to be a lifestyle change and a lot of the problem when choosing a diet is we do these 90 day challenges or these time bound commitments and unfortunately, what the time bound commitments do is, although it’s great for short term motivation, for lasting change we’ve found statistics that show it doesn’t last because once we get to that end goal we’re now free to do what we actually want to do.

So what we need to do, if you want to stick to something, is find a routine, find a plan that will work in with your entire lifestyle. You know the feeling when you find a new exercise routine, it’s six days a week and you’re going to do cardio in the morning and some weight lifting at night, and on the weekends you’re going to do boxing – you have all these grand plans. Three days into it you might be sitting at a level of 10 in motivation. Six days into it it’s dropped down a little bit and by the 12th day, 14th day, 30th day you find yourself struggling to get into the gym because using this is not sustainable. So you need to find a program that energises you and gets you involved, and excites you to get into the gym, or eat properly, eat healthy foods that nourish your body because you want to be more productive. A healthy body is a healthy mind – that’s going to help you make better choices, smarter choices, be a better person to be around and a better leader.

So I want you to take on board what I’ve said. Have a look at where you diet is and a big thing that I think a lot of people are struggling with is, yes society, especially western society, has moved closer towards having an active lifestyle and definitely getting into the gym. What I would say is, if gym isn’t your thing – I used to work in a gym for three and a half years and I saw a ton of unhappy people and what we found is, that if that’s not your environment that you like to exercise in and enjoy, why don’t you just get out there and go for a run, or perhaps dancing is your thing. I saw a lot of girls that sweated it out in the gym doing cardio and I would ask them ‘why do you do that if you don’t enjoy it?’ or you have a sad look on your face when you say I have to go to the gym and have an unenthusiastic attitude towards the gym. For me, I love the gym, I love going there, being healthy and going there and pumping some weights and enjoying that side of things. But if that’s not your thing, cool. What did you like when you were growing up? Did you play netball – maybe join a netball team. Did you play football – maybe go back and join the boys and play some football. It’s all about working out where you get the most enjoyment from because enjoyment provides that long term happiness with what you’re actually doing.

So don’t just focus on going to the gym because that’s what society dictates. Focus on where you find enjoyment, live a healthy lifestyle – if that means getting out there and doing high intensity sessions three days a week and smashing out what your perception is of being fit, and exercise for three days a week with 20 minute sessions, then just do that. If you enjoy being in the gym and you find that meditation and that takes an hour five times a week, then do that. You need to find something that you’re going to stick to. That’s exactly the same with diet. Don’t try to go 100%, ‘I’m going to clean eat and only eat this style of food’ if you can’t sustain that. If you can and you have unbelievably amazing willpower then terrific, but I’m telling you now we all make exceptions within our diet – all of us, no matter who you are, no matter what level you are, there’s always going to be something that we can’t be perfect at.

So I want to encourage you to find a diet that works in with your lifestyle, find an exercise program that works in with your lifestyle, put it together and create lasting change. You’re never going to have permanent change with a temporary solution.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions, please let me know, drop a comment below or jump over to haydenwilson.com.au. Thanks for watching, I’ll catch you next time.