Let’s Talk Marketing

For the longest time I was scared of marketing my business. Because when you start marketing, it becomes real. People other than those in your inner circle, start to see what you’re up to. Meaning you’re right in the firing line for judgement, ridicule and visibility if you ‘fail’.

I’ve since learned that the challenge is not with marketing the business itself, but how you view marketing. And even more specifically, what you think others will think of you for marketing that way. After all, who are you to put yourself out there and make these bold promises.


The thing is, that’s what we’re told works in marketing. Finding and tweaking and showcasing and highlighting the very ‘sexiest’ part of an offer and making it sound like it’s the best thing since ever. The problem is...most of the time, it’s not. Because real value take time to formulate. It’s a process of discovery and innovation, not quick fixes and guess work.


But right now, we live in an insta-nt society. Meaning it’s about testing first, and proving yourself later. That is, put a wild claim out there, see who swallows it, and then try like hell to convert them into a client. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, just put another $30 into the ad and muster up a few more leads.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to work the other way around - Prove value first, then market that. I’d much rather make promises I can keep, than offer outrageous (and often false claims) like we all see six (or sixty) times a day in our news feeds.

When you use authentic, genuine marketing, you might not get as many eye balls on your stuff, but I’ve found the right people see it. Instead of scrolling past going “oh another one”, you are actually are heard. It may not be as ‘sexy’, but if you value sleeping well at night, knowing you’re doing the right thing by you and your market it’s worth learning.

Remember, your reputation follows you. Do the right thing, and the right things will follow.