Love to Learn? Read This First

I love learning. A lot. My thirst for knowledge seems to know no bounds.

Literally from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep, I'm obsessed with learning as much as I can.

Maybe you're the same? (most likely given all human beings on earth love learning in areas that are important to them)

Thing is, with so much to learn, and what feels like so little time, I was feeling overwhelmed.

So I decided to close the blinds and meditate for 10 minutes. It's not something I do a lot of, but was feeling particularly in the mind so I gave it a shot.

So I closed my eyes and asked the inner wisdom of my soul what I should do.

Like 'magic' a path was shown to me and I was able to extract the answer I most needed.

For me, it was all about organising and structuring the knowledge I was trying to obtain.

I love learning about human behaviour and business and marketing and emotions and history and spiritualism and so much more.

Yet if you don't have structure to your learning, it can get really overwhelming, really fast.

So here is some advice if you're feeling overwhelmed with the (self) pressure of learning:

  1. Take a step back from all your resources (books, podcasts, audio books) and ask, do I really need this right now?
    1. I used to read "just in case". Just in case someone would ask me a question and I wouldn't know the answer. Wouldn't want to look like an idiot, right? Now...well, I care so much less. If I don't know, I'll say. No ego. Just honesty. It's refreshing beyond words.
  2. Learn for purpose, not pleasure
    1. Learned this one directly from John Demartini who shared it with a close group of my top clients. Whenever you pick up a book or learning resource, ask: how is this going to help me fulfil what I most want to fulfil? How is this serving me? Answer until you come up with a real reason why you should either read it, or scrap it (for today).
  3. Focus focus focus
    1. So often, we (and by we, I mean, I), put so much pressure on ourselves to know everything about everything. I find it much easier, to focus the attention in one specific area, learn all about it, and THEN move on to the next. You can also break this up into different parts of the day. Say in the morning, you can tackle about sales, in the afternoon you can learn about delivery. Master those, then move on to new topics.

Learning is one of the most fulfilling tasks a human being can do. Yet if you start punishing yourself when you don't live up to the unrealistic expectation you've set for yourself, it can often become a chore.

Check in with yourself and see if any of the above might help you.

I'll speak with you soon.