LSG Episode 1 - Habits - What Are They and How Are they Created

Thank-you for joining me, on today's episode we are covering exactly how to start a habit, how cravings are incorporated and something you might not know about toothpaste! Enjoy!


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All right, back live and I’ve just finished up a one hour session with motivational speaker and legend, Craig Harper.

We went through some stuff about personal and public speaking and he made me realise that public speaking is all about connection.

The reason why I’m doing this video again which is ‘Learn Share Grow’ for a second time about ‘Habits’, is because the first time was sh!t.

The self awareness in me knows it was shit and I was reading off cue cards which was completely unnatural. What I’m here to talk to you today about is habits, what they are and how we can create them.

So basically a habit involves three different things. It involves a cue, the routine and then you’ve got the third thing which is the reward.

Basically, a guy Claude Hopkins has helped - his friend popularised this, or he actually created the craving, but the first thing you need to realise is ‘what is the cue’.  The cue might be getting out of bed.

The routine is going to the gym. And the reward is the shake that you get afterwards.

So the key to creating a routine is that the reward must be worth it to you. So what you are going to find is, there’s a guy called Claude Hopkins who was an ad agency executive, a very powerful and successful man, and his friend who was selling toothpaste, back in the 1930’s - he was struggling to sell toothpaste .

What Claude realised was that if you had a clearly defined cue and then a clearly defined reward, and the routine that you slotted in the middle, the better the reward was.

The more clear that the cue was, the better the outcome. The cue, the routine and the reward is called the ‘habit loop’. To feed the habit loop, we need to create craving.

Like I said there was a bunch of other people out there at the same time as Claude Hopkins that were doing the toothpaste thing. It was removing the film off your teeth, removing that furry, fuzzy, gross feeling that we all hate and it was giving us a beautiful smile, a white smile - making us look beautiful.

You would think it would go crazy with the ladies because at the time only 7% of Americans were brushing.

At the end of Claude Hopkins’ time, after he finished the pepsodent ad, 65% of Americans were now brushing. A huge increase. What did he do differently to the other ad agencies? What we found is that he added a craving to have better teeth.

A craving for a feeling of cleaner teeth. It wasn’t even that the teeth were cleaner. He added redundant ingredients which were a citric acid and that mint flavouring.  He added mint oil to give us the perception that we had cleaner teeth.

We don’t actually have cleaner teeth because these things are in it. Toothpaste doesn’t need to foam, it doesn’t need to have that beautiful smell.

It’s just a perception that it removes that film. You can actually remove the film just by eating an apple or running your finger over your teeth – that removes the film. But creating the craving to have beautiful smelling and shiny teeth that Claude Hopkins went in there and created, that exactly how we can create our own habits and those cravings.

So, to bring this into your own life, let’s just say you want to become an early riser. We need a cue, a routine and a reward. So the cue is, let’s get an alarm clock and set it for the right time, that’s going to cue us to get up.

The routine is, the first thing I want you to do, is jump in the shower. This is going to wake you up, the water, the heat, it’s going to create an affect of getting up early, and the reward is that you’re 10 steps ahead of every other person on this planet because they’re still in bed, they’re still snoozing.

You’re up, you’re ready to go, you’re alert, you’re about to make your morning coffee, and they’re all still in bed, with the birds. So, let’s start that cue, routine, reward. Tomorrow in Learn Share Grow, we’re going to do another quick, sharp video and we’re going to speak about how / if you can actually change routines and habits, and can you delete them, or is it a matter of just shifting them.

So tune in tomorrow.

Thank you for watching and putting up with this very amateurish video, but hey, this is how you get started.

Any questions, let me know.

Thanks for watching.