Developing Self Confidence

Episode 12 of Learn Share Grow where you are going to learn specific tactics for self confidence. How can you achieve what the super performs achieve?

The answer is a definitive YES.

Find out how in today's video.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Wilson here and welcome to Learn Share Grow live.

This is Episode 12 and today we’re talking all about how you can develop self confidence and start to become a wiser person and be able to put yourself out into different situations and have that confidence internally that you can perform and back up what you’re talking about with results.

So basically I’ve broken down self confidence down into four main areas – the attitude that you compose yourself; the purpose of why you’re actually living on this planet; the action that you take; and the results that you get.

These four things alone are going to help develop your self confidence on and on, so you can start to achieve greater things.

The first thing I want to talk about is your attitude. Basically, there are two different types of attitude. You can either have a positive attitude where you’re thinking in abundance and there are opportunities out there for you, or you can think inside of a negative attitude where it’s a scarcity and there’s people out there trying to hurt you.

The two different things to bring up here, are the positive versus the negative. There’s an old tale of a man who has two wolves on his shoulders and a guy says to this guru “How do you develop self confidence? You’re a very confident person - how do you shut out the negativity?”

He goes well basically it’s like I have two wolves, one is the positive wolf and one is the negative wolf. The guy asks, “Well, how do you choose, who decides who’s going to lead the charge?” and he answers, “Well it’s the one I feed”. So what I want you to do is instead of feeding your wolf or your brain or the activities you do, I want them to be positive and start doing more positive things in the world, rather than focussing on the negative.

The second thing I want to talk about here to develop your self confidence is your purpose. What are you actually doing day-to-day? How can you bring more value into this world? Who are you targeting – who are the specific people that you are getting results for? Where are you providing value - are you able to coach people or are you selling cars and solving a problem there? All this revolves around solving a problem – which we are going to get into soon. And also why, why are you doing this – are you living congruently? This is a very important question because if you’re not, and deep down you know that you’re not doing something that you want to do or you feel is right, is it ethical?  If you’re not in congruency with your why, self confidence is next to impossible to adhere to and continue on.

The third point here – and guys, if you have any questions, chuck them over in the right hand side – the third thing I want to talk about here is action and this is the biggest one I believe because if you can take action then the momentum starts and the self confidence will come. So I what I need you to do, the first thing as a part of taking action is to set some goals.

You need to know where you’re going before you can start to realise how you’re going to get there. The second thing is to stick to your priorities. I spoke yesterday about self discipline and how you need to have priorities and if you can have the focus to start and finish one sole task before you move onto the next one you’re light years ahead of 99% of the population who jump from thing to thing and never effectively or efficiently get one thing done. So if you can master sticking to your priorities you’re going to leverage that and start creating waves in whatever industry you’re in.

The third thing you need to do, is relentlessly review and repeat this process. So when you finish a task, from start to finish as we previously discussed, you need to go back and say what worked and what didn’t work and we’re going to talk a little bit more about self awareness later in the week.

I want you to review what you actually did, how were the results and what can you do differently, and then repeat that process with those new improved changes.

Having the habit of action is going to propel you much further forward. The last thing that I want to talk about here is when you’re developing your self confidence, if you can get results this boosts you – it’s almost like a super charger – to how you can affect the world.

The first part of getting results is obviously your results for others. How are you helping others achieve? How are you bringing more value into the world from them bringing more value into the world? If you are a trainer, your results speak for themselves. Are you getting people in shape, are you getting them fitter, are they better athletes, are they happier people. All these are results that affect externally – other people showing off your results. The other thing is, I want you to set results for yourself. What does it mean for you to be successful?

To build this self confidence you need to be looking at “What am I actually measuring here? Do I want to earn $10,000 a month, do I want to be a millionaire, do I want to have 10 coaching clients, do I want to have 100 coaching clients?” You need to get clear on exactly what results mean to you because once you can hit those targets that’s what going to build that confidence.

Without knowing it, it’s like having goal posts and someone keeps moving them – you don’t know where the target is, so how are you going to get effectively into that zone and achieve results, because you don’t even know yourself what you’re doing. So you need to set goals to measure yourself against, and know exactly where those goals are.

These are the four things – if there are any questions chuck them over on the right hand side – the four things that you need to do to develop your self confidence, and of course there are more, these are the four most important that I’ve found, are having the right attitude – keeping the attitude positive; knowing what your purpose is – asking what, who, when, why you’re actually doing things; getting the habit action; and sticking to your results, setting your goals, reviewing and repeating that process; and lastly, looking at the results you are actually getting for others, and then measuring that against your own benchmarks and what you actually want to achieve.

If you can do these four things I guarantee you that your self confidence will be boosted.

So good luck and, if you have any questions jump over to and otherwise,

I’ll see you tomorrow.