LSG Episode 5 - Habits - Resources and Action Guide

Today I share with you the top resources and links you can use to change those habits and achieve high levels of success with all of your habits.  I also have a 5 day action guide which I want to share with you. Get your copy by emailing me here.


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Hayden Wilson here, Learn Share Grow live and this is Episode 5.

We’ve made it through the first week and I’m doing my best here and I’m hoping that you are learning something from these resources and getting something out of it.

This week has been Habit Week and we’ve learned a ton about how to create habits, how to change bad habits and turn them into good ones.

We also learned what Keystone Habits were and yesterday we went over a short, little plan on exactly what you can do to start changing and implementing different habits within your life.

And today I’m going to show you, up on our trusty board here, we’ve got the resource list. On the fifth day of every week, on the Friday, I do these daily, on the Friday we’re going to be going through the resource list and the action guide so you can actually start getting results in your life by utilising the different parts of the teachings that I’m giving you. So the first thing that you’re going to want to do, is very first up, is buy the book ‘The Power of Habit’.

I’m going to see if I can zoom in here. So that’s my sweet drawing of the book there. I’ve actually got the real book for those watching and that is ‘The Power of Habit’. There’s another cover which is a yellow one which you can see on my resource guide.

Basically this book has provided most of my content for this module and Charles Duhigg is unbelievable, the depth that he has gone to, a great researcher and even better writer. So thank you Charles for writing that. I strongly urge everyone to pick up the book, head over to and you’ll be able to pick that book up, straight from Amazon, straight to your Kindle or jump over to and pick it up – one of the best books that you’ll ever read.

The second thing that I need you to do, is watch these videos on YouTube. The first one ‘Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit’. It goes for about 15 minutes.

The second one is ‘Judson Brewer - A Simple Way to Break a Habit’.

These are all free resources so I’m sure you are going to enjoy them.

Powerful stuff, all about habits, habit creation, and the inner workings, and the psychology behind it.

The next thing you’re going to do is visit Charles’ website which is and he’s got a ton of different resources, action guides, worksheets that you can go through, straight from the source. So I definitely recommend checking that out, he’s got a couple of different papers that you might like to read and look into.

And the last thing that I want you to look into is a 5 day action guide that I’ve created. So all that you see on this board if you’re watching this, or if you’re listening, you’ll be able to download this from

But what I’ve done, is I’ve created an action plan so you can get super clear on what habits you’re doing wrong and start implementing and learning the good habits. I want you to commit to 5 days, that’s all you need to do.

Once you do that, once you can start to build up those habits, you’ll get the momentum and from that momentum, you’ll start winning. So basically, I want to share with you a few resources and guidelines on how to actually complete this. So if I just zoom in, now we’re getting real hi-tech, this first page goes over everything that I’ve just shown you on the board.

You know, it’s got different habits on there that you might like to change. Maybe you might like to start making your bed in the morning which is one of our Keystone Habits, or maybe you want to start going for a run, maybe you want to volunteer more.

There’s so many good habits that you need to be installing into your life. Switching out the smoking and the binge eating and the crap that you just don’t want to do, we all know what it is, get rid of it, it’s toxic. We need to start bringing in good habits.

So then you’ll get to the 5 step action guide. It goes for 5 days and there are 5 steps.

The first one is the routine identification, so we need to work out exactly what it is we’d like to change, whether that be smoking, whether that be drinking, or start exercising and stop being lazy on the couch.

The second step is we’re going to work out the driving forces behind the change. Why do we actually do that. We need to work out in our heads and start to make that transition. Why are we even exhibiting that behaviour? Are we lazy? And this will start to identify the next step which is the reward identification. And for that I’m going to get you to write down 5 potential rewards that you might like to implement in place, as the reward, for doing the routine.

If you’ll remember when we first started this week to create habits and the whole habit loop with a cue which gets you moving, the actual routine which is the activity and then the reward, which is why you do it.

So I want you to write down 5 potential things that you might think could reward you for participating in a specific behaviour. The second last thing I need you to do is the cue identification. So every that this comes up, and this is where the 5 day part comes into it. Every time that this comes up, I want you to fill in this worksheet that I’ve created.   It’s basically going to really help you get clear on why you are having these feelings.

The first thing is, I need you to name the 3 emotions at the exact time that this urge comes across you. Then I want you to write down the time, the location, your emotional state, who else is around, whether you’re alone or with other people, and what were you doing immediately before the urge. Were you at the photocopier making some copies, or were you browsing Facebook, or were you looking at a hungryhaydo video and it made you super hungry which is quite common.

I want you to do that for 5 days.

Once you’ve done that, and you must do those 4 steps beforehand, otherwise the rest of the stuff is just not going to work.

The last thing I want you to do is start to create your plan.

Creating a plan, even though it’s the most essential, you’ve got to do the stuff beforehand for it to even work.

So when you’re creating this plan it’s going to help you forward think and when the crisis does happen and you want to reach for those lollies, or you want to go sit down on the couch after work, or you want to press the snooze button, having that plan will remind yourself why you’re actually doing it and you can start building around that. So what I’ve done is provided a couple of examples here and I’ll read them out.

These might work for you, or you can create your own based on your cue, routine and reward. At 8pm each night, after I’ve completed my 5 necessary tasks for the day, I’ll allow myself 40 minutes of social time or a couple of episodes of my favourite TV show.

This is my reward for working hard all day and justification, I don’t need anything else, this is what I reward myself with for working hard during the day. Another example I have is at 9am each morning, after I’ve written 1,000 words which would be one of my critical tasks being a writer, I will allow myself to head down to the cafe and enjoy a coffee.

These are just simple things and these are just my examples. I want you to start thinking about, and filling in the worksheets to identify what your good habits and bad habits might be and start culminating them and, you know, play the orchestra – I’m moving my hands a lot, that’s why I said that. Basically though, just to sum it up, awesome week, thank you for your support.

It’s unbelievable how many people have been messaging me and showing their positive support for what I’m doing, in helping to teach people, so I really appreciate that.

Buy the book, watch the YouTube videos that are in that download sheet, go to Charles’ website and look at the action guide.

It’s all going to be available, I have a link down below, or to the side – I’ll have a link and you can download that – that’ll be available later today, or if you’re watching this in the future, the link will be right there. So thank you for your support. Next week we are going to be learning a whole new topic.

This is Learn Share Grow with Hayden Wilson.

If you have any questions, jump over to the chat box now and ask, otherwise I’ll catch you all next week.

Thank you for joining me once again.