Never Outsource your Social Media.

I'm very, very reluctant to ever recommend a business outsource their social media. This is your brand.

This is your BEST voice into the marketplace, direct to your end customer.

Let that sink in for a second....

Many business operations are outsourcable...Social Media is not one of them.

I always have fun playing detective with specific brands to see who is and isn't outsourcing their content.

If you see generic comments, a ton of general hashtags, glossy fake pictures...I can nearly guarantee it's not the business themselves doing it.

When you see REAL content, behind the scenes, action shots, live video etc, that's when you know it IS the business.

This isn't about control, this is about authenticity.

As we get deeper and deeper into the digital age, you must craft your own unique voice on social media and show your true colours.

This is your chance to be creative and display why you are better than the next company.

You need to show off your core values, show the world why you exist in the marketplace, what problems do you solve and most importantly, what makes you different....?

Answer these and then tell me you can outsource your social media...