New Year, New Me..LOL

01/01/2013 HWT: New years eve fire works So wow......

I don't know about you, but it would seem that we all have the most productive, amazing, world changing and enlightening friends on the universe judging by all of those Facebook status' over the past 48 hours right?

People boosting their ego's listing the 10 best things they did that year.

I mean, sure I can't talk....I love sharing my achievements.

BUT you have to ask yourself WHY you're sharing.

For likes, comments, shares, praise and other petty bullsh1t = lame

For teaching, inspiring and motivating others to help them grow = good.


Here is the status I put up on social when the clock turn 12. (well actually it was the next day because I was in bed on New Years Eve at around 10pm....grandpa lol).

Do this activity today.  It's extremely powerful.

"Rather than posting an elaborate review of your year, take the time to look internally and decide what your goals are for this coming year.

Everyone seems to have had a big year.

Of course we all have, there were 365 days to get 'epic' done.

I would be disappointed if you were still the same.

So now it's time to look forward to the future.

Here is an exercise I've completed this morning and you can too.

Take out your journal and wrote the following: - Travel - Business - Life - Fitness - Learning

Then write 3 things you are going to achieve in each this year.

Don't be shy. Shoot for the stars.

Now, if you really want to propel yourself, pull out your diary and start plotting some times around these epic dates.

I look forward to helping you reach your best this year.


So now you just have to get out there and do it......

Success doesn't come from posting your achievements on social, or stating out loud your goals for the year.  It comes from consistent, daily action towards a desired result.

So stop feeding the ego and wishing for OTHERS to like your stuff (which is outside of your control anyway) and worry about kicking ass and being the best you, you can be. (which is inside of your control.

Let's go........