Opportunities are everywhere.

Opportunities are EVERYWHERE. Take for example, a book I was reading this morning is about Howard Schultz (who grew Starbucks from 6 stores and less than 100 employees to 25,000 stores and 280,000 employees!)

Kind of hard to grasp when you really think about it....280,000 people...!

The thing is, Howard Schultz started with NOTHING.

Like literally nothing.

(They grew up in the projects in Brooklyn, and after his dad broke his ankle when Howard was just they young Howard needed to help bring in some income)

But it really makes you think...

Today, Schultz is worth 3.1 BILLION dollars, and his company $85.3B.

From ZERO to Billions...

How is it possible?

Why is it that certain people can get so far ahead, while others fail to see opportunities all around them?

(And it's not fear...We will get to that later)

What it really comes down to, is purpose.

You see, when we find our purpose and mission in life, we naturally become a leader.

Let me put it to you this way...

Go back to a situation you were recently in where the topic turned to something you knew a lot about...

Did you feel the need to input?

Did you really get involved, wanting to share as much as you could..?

Ready to jump in at the right opportunity (especially when someone was sprouting BS)

Well...this is leadership.

Leading people towards better knowledge.  Leading people to a brighter outcome.  Leading your field to greener pastures.

And while most people claim that fear is getting in the way, in the long run...fear only stops us in areas we are not confident.

If we are not confident in our mission, we subordinate to someone who we perceive confident in theirs.

Yet if we are confident...we walk our talk, we speak up and we stand out.

And when we do that....opportunities begin to present themselves.

People start reaching out (because we are known for delivering on what we say).

We start seeing new visions for what could be within our very industry.

We move from waiting for it to happen, to being part of making it happen.

I encourage you, start looking, start reaching out, start finding problems to solve.

Now more than ever there are opportunities to make anything you want become a reality...

All it requires is for you to wake up to them.....

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The link has a video in it which should explain a little more...

It's one of the best investments you will ever make.

Don't wait.

Have a brilliant weekend.