Options will set you free

The more options you have, the less emotional variability you will have. The less emotional variability, the more you can get on with the important things in life.

This goes for your finances, social network, gym work, revenue streams, business projects and more.

If you have $10,000, and you lost $1,000 it would probably suck.

If you have $100,000 and you lose $1, you probably wouldn't notice.

If you have 10 different forms of revenue coming in, and one didn't perform on a specific day, you would still have nine others bringing in cash.

If you only have one form coming in (ie: you have a job) and you get fired/company goes down/quit, you will spiral downhill fast.

If you have 10 leads to call inside your business, and one doesn't pick up...you move to the next.

If you only have one, and they don't pick up or they say no, your mind goes to the WORST case scenario - "Oh my god, I'm so hopeless, I should never have attempted this. I'm going to go broke" etc.

The secret to winning is to have OPTIONS.

I distinctly remember the moment where I started giving WAY less of a damn, and it's directly correlated to the amount of options I had.

It was downstairs in the gym I was working in at the time and I just noticed the small things (that used to be big) seemed so insignificant in comparison to what else I wanted to do.

Someone making a rude comment didn't bother me...I'd just smile and nod, and know they probably just needed a workout or to chill out inside the gym.

A staff member didn't empty a bin or file a sheet or paper...no need for a 20 minute dissertation from another staff member or ear to lend as they complained of how much harder they worked than the rest of the staff...

Instead, I had a business to run, a career to grow (my goal at the time), a fitness goal to hit, a marketing plan to develop, a series of podcasts to setup and release (and on and on) speaking with world leaders.

The more I focused on important things, the more the drama disappeared.

Focus on providing higher levels of customer service, your higher level projects, creating events and establishing major meetings with players, and watch your life transform.

Where your focus goes, energy flows.

Don't waste it on things that don't deserve it.