Our Values Dictate Our Behaviour

Everyday I see and hear from people confused/upset/disappointed with themselves because they are apparently not living the life they wish to be living. Yet I disagree.

At their core, they're actually getting exactly what they need for their life right at this point in time.

If this sounds like you and you are stressed, it is probably a sign you've injected someone else's values within you.

That means you're chasing someone else's goals. Working to please someone else (not you) and aren't truly living authentically.

The thing is, we ONLY ever act when we see more benefits than drawbacks.

So if you're doing something you don't necessarily 'like', maybe it falls into one of the following:

1. You're trying to impress others (and thus approval and recognition is a high value of yours)

2. You're getting secondary gains from it and it's helping you fulfil your mission indirectly (working a job you dislike for now, because it supports a lifestyle or family you love).

Whatever it is, I can guarantee that despite what you think on the surface, it is actually really helping you, not hindering you.

If you need help to see this, I have something that will help.

One of our modules inside the (soon to be launched) Academy will show you not only how to determine your true values, but also some proven ways to modify these values and shift them to what you like.

I also share a process to help you discover how everything you've done and are working towards is 100% helping you on your current path.

Knowing my values was the number one thing that helped me makes sense of everything, launch my business, create order and sense within my life and allow me peace of mind moving forward.

If there was one thing I wish more people knew about, it would certainly be values.

Cannot wait to share more inside the Values module.