There is no right or wrong - only outcomes. When you understand that everything has consequences, both good and bad, you are free to do as you wish.

You can 'cheat' on your diet or skip a workout, as long as you understand you won't achieve your goal as quickly.

You can sleep in and press snooze, as long as you understand that now you won't have time to exercise or set your goals up for the week.

You can quit your job and pursue your own business idea, as long as you understand the long hours and countless rejections you may face.

However, you also need to know that all of these actions, present an equal amount of ups as well as downs.

They are perfectly in balance.

If you decide to skip a workout, maybe it's because you had an important meeting to prepare for.

If you pressed snooze, maybe it's because you had a really late night and to be productive during that next day you needed an extra 20 minutes sleep.

If you quit your job, maybe it's because you're extremely passionate about a new project and have 10 customers lined up and waiting.

The goal is stop judging yourself (which is a reflection of someone else's values placed upon yourself) and accept each decision you make as the right one at that very moment in time.

Back yourself, own your decisions and trust your gut.

Every time you make a decision, accept that it will consequences and live life on your terms.

Enjoy your Sunday. Bye.