Owning Who You Are - Learning From mistakes and accepting they're a part of who we are to become.

The only change that is permanent comes from a place of pain or fear. In this video, I share with you some of the troubles that experience regular, every day people (i.e: me), and affect the different area's of our lives.

If you're currently working long hours, neglecting certain area's and are ready to wake up to yourself, take responsibility and own your mistakes....then this is the video for you.




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Hey guys. Hayden Wilson here featuring Basil Wilson and on today’s video I want to talk to you about owning who you are.


I had a pretty powerful discussion with a coach today, his name is Kamahl, brilliant stuff and it really spoke to me about owning your mistakes and being who you are. I want to start off and tell you a little story. Over the last three years as you’ve probably seen, I’ve been quite busy on social media and posting business ideas and videos and content and whatnot, and it does seem I was somewhat successful. The truth is I have had some success and tasted what it’s like to achieve in certain areas of my life but other areas of my life really broke down. For example, I had a great relationship with someone that I really cared about and I let that slip. My eyes were on growth, I wanted to grow this business and I spent hours and hours, from 5am in the morning until 12am at night and neglecting this amazing person’s needs. I thought ‘I’m doing this for us. I’m doing it so we can have a better life.’ but that’s all crap. The reason I was doing it is that I was ego driven. I wanted to see extreme growth and I saw that. But the breakdown in other areas of my life and consequently losing someone who I cared about – this is a pretty personal video, but that’s one of the tough things that I’ve had to deal with along the way.


It might seem like that, it’s been a nice journey but I tell you what, everyone’s got their own story, I’m sure you have your own story, of areas in your life that you wish you didn’t make these certain mistakes and wish you could go back, but that’s not the reality. The reality is everything is a lesson and as long as we can learn from that then we can take away something valuable. But the truth is you need to own that mistake and know that that’s the journey that was given to you and the cards that you were dealt. Obviously we can change the outcome by changing our attitude but I want you to start to realise that people do have their own stories and there’s a perception on social media and even in life – you know, you can pretend you’re busy and got all these crazy meetings, dress nicely and have a nice car, but what’s really going on? What’s really going on underneath all of that?


There are a ton of other mistakes I’ve made and I hope to share a few more of them with you. I challenge you to start owning your mistakes, own who you are, open up and post something that you wouldn’t normally post or get out there and be vulnerable with someone that you really love and tell them what’s happening, what’s going on. You know, half of your life might be great, you’re really succeeding but the other half might be in shambles. Just get out there and trust me, you’ll feel a thousand times better, just recording this video, I feel better. I hope that this can somehow inspire you to start owning who you are and make a difference in your life.


Thanks for watching. If you want any more information, or just to have a chat, jump over to haydenwilson.com.au or just throw me a message, I’m always open to having a discussion and hearing what’s happening. So thanks for watching and I’ll catch you next time. Ciao.