Play a bigger game


One week on from FBSA17 and things have been kicking along.
A lot of people have messaged me explaining that the summit was literally life changing and  I am so grateful to be able to serve, but it also makes me think...
What happens after the summit?

It's one thing to come along, listen to the speakers and take a ton of notes, but it's a completely different ball game to make things happen on a continual basis.

To create the change you want in your life, we NEED you to step up.
We need you to jump head first into the leadership position you were born for.
To decide what you want, when you want it, and how you're going to get there.
Let's get you there quicker. It's time to make your next 12 months, your best 12 months. I am recruiting my next round of HUNGRY learners inside the most unique, eye opening and inspiring program available - The Elite Coaches.
If you're interested in learning the rock solid systems, strategies and mindset required to dominate your business (and life) over the next 12 months, then there is no other program you need to be enrolled in.

I am looking for 3 dedicated, driven individuals who are ready and willing to put in the work to make things happen.  We start in September, but will be doing some

preliminary work to make sure you hit the ground running from day 1.
Since most of my coaches are staying inside the club and continuing for another 12 months, I need you to be completely focused and positive you are ready for this next major step in your career success.

If not, it's not only a waste of my time and my guest speakers' time, but most importantly, a waste of your time. We need you to be 110% ready to grow.

This is the Elite mindset and something all of our community understands.
When you are ready to make things happen, and want to GROW like you didn't think possible, submit your application and let's see what it looks like for YOU.
Let's grow together.
p.s these three positions will go quickly - do not delay if you want in.