Reaching Absolutely Anyone (Your Guide)

So I just got off the phone with Jack Canfield (who if you don't know about, do a quick google).
Basically he has sold over 500 million books, written over 244, had 67 BEST SELLERS, and is a coach all around the world.  Oh and his fan page just shy of 1 million followers.
But that's not what this email is about.
It's about using what I call the Power of Ask to reach absolutely anyone.
Now, one of the only reasons that Jack appeared on my podcast, was simply because I asked.  I did some research, thought constructively and decided that I would reach out and speak with his team about getting him on.
Now there is a whole other back story on how it actually went through and how I got it across the line (remind me to tell you that one day!) but to know you have the power within to manifest anything you truly amazing
So below I want to give you a really effective way to reach some of the most busy (and successful) people on the planet.
Whether you want to get someone on your own podcast, reach out for some personal advice, or do even bigger things like get them to your event (ALL of which are possible using this I have done them), this method will help you.
1. Persistance.
These people are busy.  They receive hundreds of emails each and every week, and even though it is your highest priority, it is not going to be theirs.
Therefore, be prepared to not hear back, have to ask multiple times, try and try and try, and basically keep at it.  I've had guests that have come on after 2 years of reaching out to them simply because after 2 years of sticking at something they knew I was serious.
So you need to be willing to be persistent until it pays off.
2. Getting through the gate-keeper.
The busier the person, the harder it is to get through the gate keeper (personal assistant).  You need to get the gate keeper on your side, and essentially 'sell' them on why you need to reach with the elite level coach.
Do your research on them (they often have Facebook or snapchat or instagram) and find out what they like or don't like.  Find some common ground and see if you can't do something or say something special.  This will elevate you into the top 1% right there.
WIIFM (or what's in it for me) is human nature.  No-one does anything for nothing, so you need to be very clear with what you're offering and what THEY will get out of it.  If you're asking to pick their brains, you need to be prepared to put your hand in your pocket.  If you want them for your podcast, you need to be prepared to be transparent on the reach and the type of audience you have.
Be clear on what THEY want, and give it to them...
4. Use Social Proof
Who else has been involved? What results have you gotten?  What can you leverage off to create unique opportunities with these people?
When I was first starting, I often would mention other people who had been on my podcast (I still use to this method now) and even when I had no-one I would say: "I've got offers out to the following coaches to come on the podcast: coach A, coach B etc" which would help me gain some authority by association.
And literally it just snowballs from there.
You just need 1 great connection that will change your life.
After the connection is made, I can share with you a ton of stuff on how to actually develop a relationship with them....
But for now, if you're serious about this, {!firstname_fix}, I want you to reach out and connect with 3 people....
Use the above 4 methods and I'm 99% sure you will get a minimum of 1 response...Most likely 2 or 3.
Good Luck.