I don't know what my purpose is

I don't know what my purpose is .......


This is probably the most common thing I hear.

To be honest, it's something everyone goes through at some point in their life.

Sometimes it happens early (which is a good thing as I explain below) and other times it happens later in life.

You see, early on in our careers, we all go through times of uncertainty.

We want to be successful, we want financial freedom, we want to go great stuff but really don't know how just yet.

We see others doing stuff and think 'man, they have it all figured out'.

Truth is....none of us have it all figured out.

I have spent a lot of time with some really influential people. Let me tell you - they are just like you and I.

They have fears, worries and concerns...

But the one single thing that is different between someone who is paralysed by fear (and stuck consuming TONS of information), and someone who is out there making moves & working in their passion can be summarised by one word....






I need you to step up.

The world does.

We cannot move forward as a society without the natural born leaders of this world standing up and making their mark on the world.

I know you want to achieve big things, yet would I be right in suggesting that you've kinda let yourself sit idly by while life passes you at times?

We all have at certain points....

But here is what I know..

You need to be a person of action.

You need to be trying new things.

You need to be meeting new people.

You need to be playing at the level you know inside that you deserve.

Action is the only way to find purpose. It is not found in a book, it is not found in a podcast and it is not found in your own head (despite what most 'coaches' will try and tell you).

Action is the way....

Take the first step of action now and let's do it together at REDEFINE this March.

It's my 1 day workshop (plus a bunch of other stuff) where we will work directly together to create a success plan based around the 5B's (Business, Bank, Body, Brain and Balance) to super charge your success in the RIGHT direction for your individual goals.

Step letting your fears get in the way and pull the trigger.

Let's do it.