Q&A: What's the key to prolific content production?

I was recently asked this question in response to my 'the joy of firsts' post seen here. I thought my answer summed up a few things quite well and wanted to share.


[drop_cap]Johnathan's Question[/drop_cap]

Heya H,

Nice > loving it.

I would love to hear and maybe others would too seen as your doing the whole open learning thing how you plan to keep it going and stay on top of work load as momentum builds and traction really increases?

Do you have or plan on building a team to help with things like content and emails because three sites and then podcasts couple of courses, Webinars and videos etc.

Wow that’s hectic!!! Would love to hear your plans!!


[drop_cap]Hayden's Response:[/drop_cap]

Johnathon, Thanks for your post.

All great questions, and something I think anyone who has a lot of ideas struggles with (including me!)

Recently I met a man online called, Derek Sivers (sivers.org) through a Tim Ferriss podcast.  He basically speaks about how there is enough time to do everything, but to do a few things REALLY well.  Which is why you won't see me focus on webinars much in the future, or twitter, or building instagram following.  I just don't know how to do them well, and would prefer to focus on the things I do have traction with.

(That is unless I build out a bigger team *taps fingers together like Mr Burns and ponders world domination*)


Therefore, I am putting my time into where I have seen traction or what I get enjoyment from.

1. Podcasting - where I got my start, and a true passion. 2. Writing - the best way I can share my message. 3. Video Production - very effective with a large majority of people.

I have two keys to building a solid online business which you might find helpful.

1. As you suggested, building your team is essential. I cannot stress this enough.  I have a small (yet powerful) team including an editor (because my grammar and spelling sucks), a book keeper to handle my accounts, an assistant who does a lot of my mundane tasks, a web developer/designer and a graphic artist.  These people all help me keep things in check.  I train them, spend time teaching them and pay them what they deserve.  Too many people are so fast to outsource their poor processes thinking that some magical outsourcer will fix it for them.  Rarely does this happen.  Instead, it just helps make more problems.  This flows into the next key quite well.

2. Good Business Systems. Something that took me a while to learn, but I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of it, is to create and use business systems.  You need to realise your value as the captain of the ship.  You are the ideas man/woman.  You are steering.  If you're down on the deck, sweeping the floors, putting coal into the engine (terrible metaphor I know...is that how it still works? I have no idea), or cleaning the toilets, who is navigating and making sure you don't crash....?


You must create systems from the start that explain exactly the steps required to do the critical tasks within your business.  They must be proven, tested for clarity.  And then re-tested in a few months time to ensure that is the best way to do it.  Often we find better ways of doing things, but forget to update our processes.  So what happens when something comes up and you need to pass this off to someone in your team?  The system is outdated and you must again repeat the education process....very inefficient.

The other thing is, while it may appear I have a lot of projects going on, they're strangely related as I mention below.

All of the content I have created, deep down, is focused around leadership.  This took me 2 years to discover but I finally feel like it is making itself clear.  BeNiceBrand.com is nice stories about our hidden leaders, PTProphet.com is about the leaders in the fitness industry and how to become one, HaydenWilson.com.au is a learning journey to help you become a leader....

The other thing I would mention is that the open learning journey is quite easy to share and has multiple benefits.

Eg: Take my Italian lessons.  I want to learn Italian anyway, so why not post the journey online to show others.  It provides great content for my site and YouTube while it also helps others to see it's possible.  Plus typing my notes solidifies it within my head! Win Win.

With all of the above however, I would point out that it comes back to a passion.  I have a passion to learn, and then share what I learn. As a side note: I actually wanted the domain "LearnShareGrow.com" but it was taken so I had to settle for my name lol!

Initially I was going to just write a short response, but I got a bit carried away!  I will also be making this into a new post because I think more people need to share it.

Thanks for the idea and keep rocking it.  You're doing well.