Rant - Supplement Clowns on Social Media

supps Each day, like most people, I take some time out and scroll through my Facebook and Instagram.

I see most of the usual things, a few motivational posts, a few lifting videos, a couple of selfies...all good.

But then, without a doubt, every time I manage to see a fitness model or wannabe bodybuilder holding some supplement and plugging how amazing it is.

"I couldn't get through my workout with my <insert useless supplement here>".

Are you kidding me?

So before they were giving you 40% off their range you simply just couldn't perform a workout?

Because I'm pretty sure things were fine....

However, now you've got some products and all of a sudden it has transformed you?

It helps keep you full, keeps you lean while eating whatever you want, makes your workout pumps 1000% better right?

Bzzz...lies.  Just like 99% of the supplement companies themselves.

  • You know what makes you feel full? Food.
  • You know what keeps you lean while eating whatever you want? Nothing. (*close your eyes and ears IIFYM crew*)
  • You know what makes your workout pumps 1000% better? Steroids.  Not some questionable product that makes your heart pump faster.

Better still, are the people who post the above one month, then get dropped/switch to a better deal, and then start bragging about how amazing this new, almost identically useless product is.

I get it though, there is no money in fitness within the small time ranks (or even big time..which is why you see Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene do the exact same thing in the magazines).

Literally it costs a ton of money to compete.  There is the gym, the food, the tanning, the posing suit/bikini, the entry fees, the registration and up until this point, the supplements.

Every month I see these posts trying to be creative with their sponsors' product...Yet strangely enough they all look the same, each as equally impractical as the next.  Do you really take your supplements outside with you...into nature...in strategically placed locations?  Or is that a setup. *rolls eyes*

To be honest, I blame the supplement companies.  I have seen the 'commitments' they make these (mostly) young athletes sign.  2 social media posts per week, 2 taste tests per month, representation at 4 bodybuilding shows per year and a plug in their instagram profile.

In return we will give you wholesale prices or if you're lucky....some free stuff.

It's embarrassing.

People are falling into the misconception that social leverage is more important than integrity.

If we take a step back though, a much better solution to all of this is for these people to discover real ways to make more money, especially online.  Which is funny because most of them have an amazing body that 'fans' look up to and aspire to be like.

So leverage that instead.  Position yourself as an authority by putting out quality information and content.  Share what you know and help others achieve their goals through honest advice.  Teach them the best way to get a six pack is by closely monitoring your nutrition.  Teach them that the best way to get quality pumps in the gym is to use a slower tempo and control the weight.

It's simple.  You get back what you put out there.  And they're going to be much happier when they actually see results from your genuine advice.

Surely your reputation is worth more than some sub-par supplement deal....right?

*end rant*