Reading Vs Taking Action - The Balancing Act

There are a lot of people out there that ridicule readers. "You Read Too Much", "Stop Reading and Go Experience Life". I know this because I have been told the exact statements above.
To be honest, it never bothered me because the people saying it don't see what goes on behind the scenes, and either didn't read themselves because they were 'too busy' or were disappointed they couldn't build the habit to read, so they projected negatively to those who have.
The truth is, all leaders are readers, and the world's most successful people, have the biggest libraries.
However, it does raise an interesting point. The words on paper are simply that. Words. They can mean as little or as much as you like.
You must put them into action.
I know a lot of people who are extremely well read and knowledgeable....yet don't have the confidence to put the ideas they've learned into practice.
And I know some action takers that are some of the hardest working people out there where 15-18 hour days are not uncommon, yet year on year nothing changes (except for their stress levels).
To have knowledge and not take action would be the same as having a beautiful sports car that you kept in the garage.
To take action without knowledge would be like doing 200km/h in that car without a seat the middle of nowhere.
You must find a balance. This means dedicating time to both learning and developing, as well as taking action and implementing.
The best thing is: we are about to embark on February where not only does the 1st start on a Monday (a naturally good day to start things for most people) but it has a perfect 4 weeks in it.
This means you have 28 days to either put one new idea into action, or to pick up that book and commit to 20 minutes of daily reading.
And if you're reading this after February 2016.  Don't let it stop you.  Commit to yourself that for the next 28 days you're going to kick it up a notch.
Do you have the guts? Or are you going to keep playing at mediocre?