Reduce the Risk

In any service business (which includes your coaching business), the product is you. That means the customer cannot touch, feel or see what you've got.

The can only experience it.

Thing is, to even get to that stage, the customer needs to do one thing: say yes to what we offer.

In your business, people will buy under two circumstances:

  1. Your proven ability to get a result. (proof)
  2. Your unmovable desire to do whatever it takes to help the client get a result. (faith)

When I first started in the coaching business, I didn't have a major track record of results with the clients I wanted to work with.

What I did have, however, was a dream.

I dreamed of connecting the world's hungriest learners with the world's best teachers. I wanted to put on seminars, share podcasts, provide coaching and do everything I could to help coaches bring their best selves to the world.

So I got started.

I started backing up what I was saying. I worked my strengths to help get results for those I love serving.

This is the attitude of a winner. This is how you develop yourself and set yourself apart right from the get-go.

This morning I was recording a podcast with Customer Service Expert, Shep Hyken, where we were talking about just how important it is to be consistent, convenient and creative when serving your clients.


I'd like to add a fourth "c".

CARE. (Shep would agree)

When you genuinely care for your clients and prove you'll do whatever it takes, soon you will see the results you seek.

If you're just starting (or re-starting) things inside your business, remember that success follows care.

Take a leaf from Martin Luther King's book, get acquainted with your dream, and help the client realise taking you up on your offer to work with them was the best decision they've ever made.