Seek Bigger Problems.

Last night I had a brilliant, eye opening, mind expanding discussion with my good friend, Linh Trinh. We chatted about life, the future, virtual reality, vegetarianism and human growth/potential over some dumplings.

Around the topic of virtual reality and the future, we discussed that it is actually highly possible in the next 10-25 years that 'pods' are created (similar to the movie, Avatar) where humans can literally 'plug in' and enter their very own dream world.

Which is ironic because you can actually have that in this life if you so desire..but let's ignore that for a second and run with it the pod system.

I then asked what percentage of people are unhappy with their lives and would enter into a pod?

A place where money was not an issue? Love and Happiness were manufactured and designed to be at a peak for you at all times?

In the short term, it would seem like a dream. Problems would be a thing of the past and anything you desire would be at your fingertips.

But would you really want this?

The fact of the matter is, a lot of the feelings Western society feels around scarcity, depression and unhappiness etc. are man made.

Those in India, or Bali, or China have no concept of what it is like to have to decide between the dark black jeans or the blue jeans with holes in them, or whether or not to get a brand new car, or 'settle' for a second hand car, or be judged for not having a six pack or a bigger ass.

Does that stuff REALLY even matter?

We concluded that entering into a pod would be an extremely short sighted view of the world. Satisfying only a desire for immediate gratification and an escape for current problems.

But problems are never going away.

In fact, as you grow, they grow.

The most successful people do not wake up in the morning problem free. In fact it's the opposite. Their problems are on a world affecting scale.

But what you can realise, is that your ability to deal with problems, is directly proportional by how much internal work you have done.

How big is your problem solving arsenal?

When was the last time you read a book? (not just in the areas you like and are comfortable with, but a wide variety of topics).

When was the last time you listened to a podcast or audio book?

Or attended a seminar?

Or had a mind expanding conversation such as the one I had with Linh?

I'm definitely still a work in progress, but to me, the purpose of being here is to take on an ever increasing amount of problems where you are forced to consistently grow.

Because the real joy of reaching a goal, is not in the end point, but the journey you travelled to get there.

Seek bigger problems.