Simplify Your Life with these 3 Habits (must do at least 1 of these per day)

In our busy lives, we can often get caught up with trying to do too much, too often, too quick (I'm the worst for this). But if you want to learn how to slow down, start doing more of what you love (less of what you hate) and learn too appreciate material things, then this is a great episode for you to listen to.



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Ladies and Gentleman, Hayden Wilson here and this would be Learn Share Grow live, but my facebook is not allowing me right now, because of some connection issues, to upload live so I do apologise, but this is the first take. I’m going to be showing you all about how you can start to do more of what you do like to do and less of what you don’t.

Quite often we get so busy, working and trying to create income, and creating this life that we get so busy doing that we actually forget why we’re doing it and the benefit of having that lifestyle and doing that work and why we want to do it. We get so far away and so busy being busy and not being productive which is obviously very different, that we actually don’t get anything done. What I want you to do, is grab a pen and paper and I’m going to show you a great exercise that I learned from one of my mentors, Ken Blanchard.

What you need to do on your piece of paper is write 1 to 20 down the left hand column – these are things that you like doing, activities that you participate in, and this doesn’t mean that you’ve done them recently, you’ve got to go through that, it just means things that you like doing. Going to cafes, having a coffee, reading a book, perhaps it’s spending time with a loved one, maybe it’s walking your dog, maybe it’s just doing nothing, sleeping in on a Sunday, whatever it might be, things that you actually enjoy doing. So write them down, 1 to 20 – it might take you five minutes, it might take you an hour – it’s really important that you do the best that you can.

The second thing that I need you to do is to draw up two columns on the right and these will correspond with the numbers. In the first one I want you to put a dollar sign and in the second one I want you to write Date.

Now we’re going to go through them and go down the list and we’re going to decide which items took money and then we’re going to write when we last did that activity. This is a terrific exercise to give you a broad awareness of yes you enjoy doing these things but when was the last time you actually participated in that activity – when did you last do it, and you will see that a lot of the stuff that you enjoy doing might not necessarily take money. Once we have this list and know what we need to do to because this provides happiness so our working so hard is to fund and to be able to do a lot of this stuff, then we can start to decide - well look I haven’t done it in three months and I really enjoy this activity, why haven’t I done it

Then what I want you to do is schedule it in. So look in your diary, and if you haven’t taken your dog for a walk and sat in a nice cafe, like I like to do, then I want you to schedule that in and plan for it because if you don’t plan it, it’s not going to get done because we get so busy doing the busy work that we forget to come back to the real reason why we’re doing all these things.

I hope this tip helps. This is one of my shortest videos and I hope you enjoy it. This is a great exercise, it changed a lot of the stuff I did and the awareness around what I actually like doing and I hope it does the same for you.

This has been Hayden Wilson for Learn Share Grow, not live this time, but I’ll be back live tomorrow. Thanks for watching – any more details or questions, head over to . Thank you.