Steal like an artist.

Stop Trying to Re-Invent the Wheel.

There are so many successful people out there already who have probably done pretty much the exact thing you're trying to achieve in some way, shape or form.

All of the successful up and comers (part of a crew I call "The New Leaders" - more on that later), all do one thing really really well...they copy, and then they innovate.

You save yourself years of headaches, mistakes and money simply by learning from others and then implementing it.

I am in the process of designing a few things for my upcoming summit (in 5 months) but as a part of this, I draw inspiration on the various brochues, stages and pull up banners that I see at other events.

It goes from taking a month to design to literally 15 minutes.

In another project, I search for exactly what I like, and then literally rip it off with my own flavour and customise it until I am happy.

That is my tip for you as you tackle the rest of February....

Hope that helps.