Stop Drawing a Line in the Sand.

In June 2016 I made a decision that changed my life. I still vividly remember standing outside the doors of my first Fitness Business Summit Australia in the lobby with my good friend, Linh Trinh.

It was the first 'major' success I'd had as a solo business operator and my first real 'proud moment'.

Inside that room were 110 personal trainers and fitness professionals eager and ready to learn about what it takes to grow and maintain a business in the fitness industry.

It was at this very moment when I said to Linh: "Never again will I build another website for a customer again"

And just like was DONE.

Although my mind still had a slight amount of worry.

This was before I had a coaching business, it was before I knew a lot of the stuff I know as I write this and it was well before I even knew what I was going to do for income!

Hell, at the time, the way I made money was via building websites for people. (which I actually hated it due to the constant change of mind, dealing with international outsourcers and the forever increase in scope (without increasing budget).

As I said those words to Linh, I was deadly serious.

And since June 19th 2016, I have kept that decision with integrity.

Because that's what a decision is.

Decision literally means "cut off from".

Yet most people miss this.

What most people think of as a decision, is really just a loose promise they keep telling themselves again and again.

They're really only fooling themselves. We can all see it, and their results tell us the truth.

If you are looking to stand out as a Young Leader, you need to get DEADLY serious about the decisions you're making too.

What clients will you no longer take on? What standards will you no longer accept? What are you going to commit to?

Get super clear on what you will and won't do and then DECIDE.

Stop drawing a line in the sand, and draw a line in the CONCRETE.

Let's get it done.