Your story is your strength

Oprah Winfrey was raped, abused and lost a baby at the age of 13.

Charlize Theron’s Mum shot and killed her alcoholic and abusive Father, before Theron left and stole from restaurants to eat and stay in run down hotels just to survive.

Jim Carrey lived in a van with his family after his dad lost his job before becoming both a janitor and a security guard.

Howard Schultz (owner Starbucks) and his family were left helpless after his dad broke an ankle. Schultz was 7 at the time and the family had no income, no savings and no health insurance.


Oprah is now the most recognisable woman on the planet. Charlize is one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors. Jim Carrey is worth more than $150 million. And Howard Schultz’s Starbucks empire now has 27,339 and his net worth is < $3.5b.

Let me ask you this though: knowing their story...does it make you love them less...or love them MORE?

You keep hearing how you’re supposed to share your story, and get it out there.

And yet when it comes down to it, you still feel the potential judgement that comes with sharing your story publicly.

I get it. 

But the courage you desire, will only come when you act courageously.

Take baby steps by beginning today to tell you story and set yourself free.

We won’t love you less for it, we’ll love you more.